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So.... the disparity here is insane...

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The poor countries really stack them in. While Norway seems like a great place to be imprisoned.

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massively interesting, thanks

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nice post dude, very interesting, seen most of these on TV exept the Swiss/Norway prisons -they are SO NEAT lol. looks like each prison kinda represents/or give a idea about the county state/condition-. ps i was most impressed about russian jail where they have iron bars within the jail cell and come with a German Sheperd to enter the jailcel, that will give any criminal No change to be a dick, like in the USA where they trow with poo and stuff and have to enter the jailcell with a squat of 5 armed security men. psps i DOUBT it that all Jails in Spance are like those in the picture, its probably only a room for visitors with children

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Many of the European prisons and nicer than many American homes.

Those prisons aren't too shabby...