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As of right now AMZN is $3550. Their PE ratio is 67, which is lower than it was a few months ago (80s) even though the price of stock has increased. Amazon has lots of potential to increase profits by cutting costs, raising prices, spying on people, and lobbying for legislation that will suffocate competition from small businesses (e.g. minimum wage increases). Amazon is transitioning from being a good company to an evil company like Google. Their current profits are peanuts compared to what they will be making 10 years from now.

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Most of Amazon's profit comes from Amazon Web Services (AWS) - their cloud crap for modern programmer scum. That is why Bezos stepped down and turned the company over to the head of AWS. Amazon no longer cares about retail, and it shows. Retail is competitive and Amazon will eventually lose there. So Amazon's future depends on AWS. For an investor to judge this, they must be in tune with modern programmer scum, which I am not.