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"Learning" French by just reading about to understand more Spanish than I speak.

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I have learned Russian and Chinese, but I was so bad at them I simply have to relearn Russian. I use Duolingo app to refresh my rusty language skills and to learn new languages as well: German, Spanish and French (which I have learned before in college).

I don't get how people can actively use more than 3 languages at the same time. How do they do that? Learning a new language in your adult years is hard.

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I'm learning Japanese and Russian, with my main focus on Japanese currently. I'd also like to learn Hungarian someday.

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Is Hungarian similar to German?

I've studied Mandarin Chinese for a decade and I'm about 40% fluent. I love the written characters and their etymologies. I also have terrible Spanish that I half-remember from high school haha.

And it would be cool to know German and French, so I try to pay attention to them when I come across them. They're pretty similar to English, as English is composed of words 1/3 from Old French and 1/3 from Old German. Like 'melange' means 'blend' and I got a blender and on the side it said 'melangeur'. Or how "Kindergarten" is literally German for "Children Garden/orchard." Stuff like that.

Cool sub.

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I'm not too familiar with German but as far as I can tell it's not similar to Hungarian at all. Hungarian is hard to classify. It really is sort of the odd language out.

I had to take French and Latin in middle school but I remember very little of either.

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Interesting, I didn't know that about Hungarian.

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Immediate fam is starting to learn Spanish, and I'm starting to learn Korean, too. Trying to use SRS (spaced repetition system) with the Anki platform. I was using DuoLingo like the rest of my fam, however I've decided to limit that to when I can participate in the group discussion stuff.

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How's Anki working out for you?

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I speak English, Japanese, Mainland Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Danish, Tagalog, Spanish, and Maori.
I can sing in all of these languages along with German and Portuguese. I would like to learn German, Cantonese, and Portuguese because Portuguese is easier to physically speak than Spanish, Cantonese is easier to physically speak than Mandarin, and German because everything sounds better in German