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Not a Mechanical keyboard fan, nor am I a good moderator. If you don't get any takers I can try to help though.

IBM bucklespring keyboards were also memory mush underneath /s.

Seriously though, I like most cheap keyboards because they are not intentionally loud nor do they have that weird dead travel before engagement that guarantees that I under press.

Unless I smash every key and make myself sore by the end of just a few hours, mechanicals just slow me down.

My current keyboard doesn't function the same since its last cleaning though. I still swear by domes though.

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If nobody else applies I'd be willing to be a temp mod for the sub. I visit saidit daily so there'd be no issue with the sub going unchecked. I'm not too knowledge about keyboards so I wouldn't really post much though. Beyond that I think I'm a pretty decent mod; I follow a sub's rules pretty closely and enforce them as written, and I don't believe in removing or banning people for any reason other than breaking rules (obviously including saidit rules and the PoD).

I'd prefer not to mod the discord but I do have experience with discord moderation if you need one.