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People do get sick with and from the vaccine:

Young people, who were naturally resistant, get the cov again after the injections. In some places 70% of health care workers.

Peter Doshi wrote in the British Medical Journal that the 90% were only based on the PCR tests, while the numbers based on symptoms hardly gave any improvement. PCR tests can give completely random results depending on the amount of cycles, with 95% false positives already at 35 cycles.

The vaccine already gives strong fevers to 25% of the young and healthy people. These fevers can already be deadly to older people. And no, it is not your immune system working, it is the inflammation of the immune system.

Based on research, the vears reporting system is only reporting about 1.5% to 0.7% of all side-effects. Just check the VEARS numbers, they are already far worse than the flu vax for example. The number of deadly cardiac problems is 200x more than that of the flu vaccine. And some young people die, get permanently blind, get clots or other severe side-effects, unlike the mild disease. The auto-immunity often affects the nerve-system. The clots are caused by the immune system triggering the platelets due to the vaccine.

These are all auto-immunity side-effects that can be expected when fucking with the immune system. The real numbers are currently being hidden to keep the people from "hesitating". But via other studies we can see that only 1% may be reported.

Now we know that the disease that is mainly affecting people with core morbidities. Maybe it gives a killing blow, or maybe it was something else. We also know that It can not be spread by healthy or healed people, like most diseases. And we know already for a year, that it can be treated well with pretty standard anti-viral medicines. 1 2 We do not read this in the news.

So this is all a huge scam about trillions of dollars and euros. And I think I know which criminals will benefit the most on the long term.

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oh yeah, easily...the amount of silencing, banning, and removing content and proof is insane.

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