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hypocrite, liar, and shill

Well, turns out blocking a shill really works. I don't see their comment or your reply on this page. (I saw your reply on s/all/comments.)

As I've only banished 2 users from my sight, there's a 50% chance this ones username begins with the letter 'Socks'.

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LOL, socks responded to your comment with "Snowflake?" Seems like the hypocrite is calling you a name. I wonder if that's a bannable offense.

I wouldn't stoop to name-calling but if I did I might call socks an obnoxious unending klaxon of misinfo noise, though that's not really much as far as name-calling goes so maybe I'd call socks a corporate kiss-ass fart-catcher, but perhaps that's not concise enough so a fecal abortion might be a better, more creative, way of calling socks a semi-human piece of shit. But I won't actually resort to name-calling because that's against the rules.

Besides, we already know socks is a timesuck, hypocrite, liar, and shill.

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LOL, socks responded to your comment with "Snowflake?"

Oh darn. It's a shame I can't see that. It would be different if he weren't a disingenuous shill, and 'just had different ideas'. But like blaring mexican or polka music on an early Sunday morning, his obnoxious shilling is unwanted.

This way, I'm not tempted to read or reply to his ridiculous bullshit cogent and insightful thoughts on all the Nazis to the right of Karl Marx. Better for everyone, imo.

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UPDATE: socks deleted her simplistic "Snowflake?" response comment.

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Who is the other 50%?

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ShalomEveryone blocked user

Not sure if troll or novelty account, but the comments designed to provoke began to get annoying.

Again, this removes the opportunity to get so annoyed at some bullshit that I'm tempted to engage.

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Yes, that passive aggressive ShalomEveryone thing is annoying. Not as annoying as the perpetual naysayer ActuallyNot, and another similar forgettable one or few. I haven't bothered to engage them much, and while I still think they are shills I haven't made a fuss over it yet. They seem more obviously wrong and not worth the effort, unlike socks who mixes truth with lies as a more effective hypocrite, liar, shill, and dogmatic agent of misinfo - and still has a lot of folks liking her (which I'm not against IF she stops the bullshit).

I also thought you might have been referring to Chipit, who has grown and no longer shits on the entire Left as if it's all one and the same, and who now understands there are many factions within the Left, as there are on the Right. Since I haven't seen Chipit bullshit for a while I no longer need to point him out as a shill of misinfo.

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The chipit shill/troll/whatever. I've only defacto blocked him, by simply not ever engaging with his posts or comments.


Ah, yes. Haven't seen much of him lately, and for whatever reason, just eye-rolling and moving on seemed enough.

Socks is an odd case. There's either skitzophrenia involved, or multiple people post on that account. One of the personalities can come off as a normal user. The most annoying one falsifies reality, blatantly lies, and engages in underhanded rhetoric.

Whoever was running the popper and nemocolin (sp) accounts seems to have retired them. And does anyone remember that old account going by magnora7? (j/k)

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A nice trip down memory lane...

We've stood toe to toe, but besides his management style we're on the same page, and so I really do hope M7 is okay.

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His mom had surgery back in the spring, so his family might be taking priority. Also, installing a tranny as an admin probably led to a number of disappointing results and effects for him here on saidit.

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Among other things. I hope his time off is balancing and good for him. Maybe he come back with a few critical thoughts and meditations - perhaps even to drop some ego for some open-fairness social management improvements.

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I've been spending less time on the internet lately, and it's pretty pleasant.

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The rockerfeller one is fake.

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I added a note. Feel free to provide more evidence.

Whether he actually said that or not, the statement is very true in that the ruling class and their deep state has been perpetually eroding the power of communities via divide and conquer, among other techniques. It's no secret that feminism has been weaponized with each wave. Gloria Steinem was/is a self-confessed CIA asset.

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Im just saying he never said that outloud. Ever.

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I'm not for or against it, but what makes you so certain? Just curious.

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It's too perfect. These people aren't stupid.

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I got vaccinated today.

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Top tier reply. Peak 2021

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They've said a lot of stupid stuff. They say it openly. They control the media and the focus.

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At my brother-in-law's small company, three came down with Covid on the same day, all of them vaccinated twice months ago.

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How many died ?

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The second one is really smart.

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So - the non-Liberal would?:

Feel happy when someone dies of COVID

Feel sad when hearing that he wasn't vaccinated [because he should die after being vaccinated]

And then happy again because he was an illegal immigrant

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You prove once again how you twist everything - because you're a hypocrite, liar, and shill.

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Seems you never have the sufficient confidence, knowledge and intelligence to follow the site rules/guidelines for the PoD.

The meme to which I refer LITERALLY implies what I note, as part of a well-funded anti-vax campaign by a few people to fool the 99%. It's unquestionable. Again, you're pushing the agenda of the few people who will financially benefit when COVID19 spreads and continues to create problems for the 99% (including lockdowns, anger with neighbors, extreme income income inequality, &c). Countries that have reduced the spread of COVID19 have helped the 99%. Consider who is paying for the anti-vax disinformation. These fuckers are actively ruining the lives of the 99%, partially by getting them to argue over facts and science. Stop supporting those assholes. You are literally harming others when you support their agenda.

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Fuck your murderous authoritarian big pharma propaganda lies.

I'm not name-calling you a kaka-doodie-poopoo-head, even if I might think it - or worse. I'm not breaking the rules despite you crying wolf over and over again. I'm simply not name-calling. I don't need to name-call when I can counter your bullshit with an abundance of proof and articulately categorize you as a hypocrite, liar, and shill. If you don't like these labels then stop being a hypocrite, liar, and shill.

I'm saying what I technically think you are - a hypocrite, liar, and shill - in the clearest, most concise terminology I can muster. And I will continue to call you out via those labels, other terms or phrases, or if forced to I'll jump through semantic hoops with dramatic flourish and profound creativity to bring an avalanche of embarrassment down upon you until you stop vomiting the bullshit you've swallowed from your worshiped corporate media and authoritarian overlords. If I can't do that then I don't have free-thought and we don't have an authentic freedom-loving forum - and then I guess you'll have won as an infiltrating hypocrite, liar, and shill. But I doubt you're really going to win here.

I've even offered to call you by any labels you prefer, to replace hypocrite, liar, and shill, if they actually describe you accurately. I don't stalk threads to subvert them, though you do. I don't tell you to fuck off, though you've told that to me more than once. We all know there are MUCH nastier things to name-call someone, and I've not bothered to stoop to that level as you have, because I don't need to when it's simply obvious that you're a hypocrite, liar, and shill.

If we can't call someone a hypocrite when they are hypocritical,
if we can't call someone a liar when they lie,
if we can't call someone a shill when they shill shill,
then what's the fucking point of having a forum that claims to support free-thought?

Further, for clarity, there's a minor semantic difference between someone lying about something on an occasion, and being branded a liar as a state of being. Similarly there's a difference between someone being momentarily idiotic, and being a lifetime idiot. For some it may make no difference, but I think there's a worthy distinction between isolated incidents and a habitual state of being. I intentionally avoid making blanket statements about people, but sometimes it's very warranted. It is my opinion, proven time and time again, that you are not just accidentally having random acts of poor judgement, but that you are a perpetual hypocrite, liar, and shill.

Seems you never have the sufficient confidence, knowledge and intelligence to follow the site rules/guidelines for the PoD.

If you don't like being called out as a hypocrite, liar, and shill, then don't draw attention to yourself with your overabundant confidence in your insufficient knowledge and absence of intelligence - and don't comment on my posts in my direct line of fire where I'll always call out your ongoing bullshit every time I see it, hypocrite, liar, and shill - and glutton for punishment.

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Very sad this is - that you cry even more about your refusal to follow the site rules, while also trying to justify your support for the anti-vax disinformation that it OBVIOUSLY meant to fuck over the 99%. It's incredibly stupid, gullible, selfish and mean for anyone to assume that name-calling is not at the bottom of the PoD and that anti-vax disinformation is somehow worth supporting. I've responded to you because someone should do it. No worries, though. Nothing will change at Saidit, and you can continue to support the anti-vaxxer lies and propaganda, as it helps the 1% create discord among the 99% and thereby helps them glean everything from the 99%. This is one of the worst aspects of Saidit, as it divides nations, which screws the 99%. Think about what you're doing. Follow the money. Stop supporting the few people who are ruining people's lives. Think also that this benefits Big Corp and Big Pharma and Big Healthcare because the authoritarians that the anti-vaxxers put in office allow corporations to write legislation, as they have done since Reagan. Big Pharma LOVES anti-vaxxers. Don't think for a second that ant-vaxxers have any impact on the profit margins of Big Pharma. That's another lie, of the many, that anti-vaxxers are pushing on the behalf of some of the richest assholes assholes in the US, and it's apparent that you want to help them. What's worse, is that there are those who are helping the anti-vaxxers while thinking that they are helping the 99%. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's disgusting, mean, and horrific.

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to assume that name-calling is not at the bottom of the PoD

Don't lecture me on the PoD, hypocrite, liar, and shill. I know what it says. I fucking made the Pyramid of Debate graphic in consultation with magnora7 and we added "Advocating Violence" to the bottom.

Think about what you're doing. Follow the money.

Rich coming from you who neither thinks, and is likely a paid shill - and disruptive infiltrator and unglamorous spy, hypocrite, liar, and shill.

Stop supporting the few people who are ruining people's lives.

I don't support the government, corporate media, banksters, or big pharma - as you clearly do, hypocrite, liar, and shill.

Big Pharma LOVES anti-vaxxers.

That makes ZERO sense, and it makes ZERO cents, hypocrite, liar, and shill.

I'm NOT anti-vaxx. I'm pro skepticism. Vaccine skeptic, mask skeptic, COVID skeptic, lockdown skeptic, climate skeptic, tyranny skeptic, government skeptic, globalist skeptic, hypocrite, liar, and shill.

You are a logic-denier, and worse: a propaganda believer.

No more time for you today, timesuck, hypocrite, liar, and shill.