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If Terry Crews is an option, then Terry Crews is the only option.

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There is a good comedy movie to be made by taking the princess movie tropes and having a guy in that role instead.

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Once a black actor gets ass raped by a Jewish Hollywood Mafia boss they make him put on a dress in his next movie to signal a new slave has been buck-broken. That's why Chapelle hid in Africa for 10 years.

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Because he didn't want to admit it?

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Gal Gadot, as snow white???

There's someone going around here claiming Jews are persons of color.

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If Snow White was Asian you'd have to call her Yellow Snow.

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So you admit that Black men are superior to “white” “women” and that “woman” is just a false categorization homophobic men made up to justify cockblocking other men.

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I only admit you are intentionally disruptive to SaidIt and need to be banned.
/u/magnora7 watch this meshugana, /u/JewsAreOfColor.

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I’m Gay and I’m Jewish so you’re a racist and a homophobe for calling for my speech to be suppressed. My people have an unlimited line of credit on the so-called “race card“ which is just another racial slur crackers like you to shut people of color up for calling out their racist crackery.

Be less white, cracker.

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I don't care if you're Jewish.

I care if you're a Jewish supremacist and/or Zionist and you should fix your thinking.

I don't care if you're gay, but it should be easier for you to...

Go get fucked.

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Anyone who isn’t a Jewish supremacist and a Gay supremacist is an antisemite and a homophobe.

Shut the fuck up, you communist breeder pedophile. At least I get fucked by adults unlike you who would be a virgin if you didn’t rape little girls.

You need to start reading the Torah, and you will recognize that Judaism is the master religion and whatever race we are is by definition the master race, because it is not a race and anybody who object to that is a racist. Anybody who stands in the way of the world domination of the real master race is a racist who will be systematically eliminated for racism.

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All religions, all government, all authorities are bullshit.

You need to stop telling other people what they need to do and let people be free.

I don't believe in race, supremacy, authority, religion, or any of that power/dominance controlling shit.

I believe most people are mostly decent and that half of everyone is stupider than average, like you.

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    Every word of that word salad describes you and not me.

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    So you're also just a kid. Your one argument for everything is: no, you! Or: you're just projecting!

    For your hatred to stand out this much on Saidit, you are definitely trying too hard, for some reason. You've made a post (in /whatever) insulting one of the good folks here, so I want to let you know that you fucked up when you did that.

    Say whatever you want on Saidit, without trying to harm others. It's really simple.

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    I don’t project. Heterosexuals project. Gays read to filth, and that’s all you breeders are: flith.

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    I didn't claim you projected. I noted that the - no, you! - argument is for kiddos - super duper weak.

    Gays read to filth

    Translation? What is 'read to' in this context?

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    You are projecting, not me. Accusing me of projection is projection. Everything you accuse me of, you have fucking done yourself, which is why you accuse me of it.

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    I don't give a fuck about projecting or who's doing it, because I am older than 12.

    What's the meaning of "read to" in your note? I'm curious what you say breeders do or don't do.

    Also - it might not be obvious - but there are occasional gays, Jews, trans, blacks, women, and others on Saidit periodically, though also mostly male honkies in the age range of 20-45. So you aren't this guy:

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    That joke has been done better before. I think by Paul Merton.

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    So you admit that Black men are superior to “white” “women” and that “woman” is just a false categorization homophobic men made up to justify cockblocking other men.

    And also Gal Gadot. She's white.

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    If Jews are white, then we have achieved white supremacy.

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    If Jews are white, then we and we alone have achieved white supremacy. As far as I’m concerned, non-Jewish whites are just niggers.

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    Blah blah blah

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    Use your words, child.