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Okay forget the outlets, forget the spin, forget the fake news - here's a lawsuit bought by the child who trump raped. The legal papers, not newspapers

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A lying greedy golddigging bitch trying to defame an honest man, unlike Tara Reid, who actually is a victim of rape by the racist war Criminal pedophile Joe Biden:

That woman committed perjury and she should go to jail. She’s a liar just like Stormy Daniels is a liar. Anybody who accused Trump of rape is just a greedy golddigging whore trying to steal money because no one wants their wrinkly, smelly, STD-infected stretched-out cracker cunts anymore.

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How did you decide that?

You don't know anything about her, but you have a knee-jerk reaction to defend a pedo and rapist.

People are probably asking themselves - why is this guy so determined to defend and shill for a child rapist? Guilty conscience?

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That’s what you’re doing by projecting Joe Biden’s abusive behavior towards women and girls onto Donald Trump. All accusations against Trump and the GOP are baseless and treasonous in addition to being confessions of your own sick, left for little girls because you’re afraid of a real man’s dick in your tiny shit riddled asshole. You have a paper trail of these capital crimes on this very site and your execution for treason against President Trump is imminent. Now you can add trying to incite hate crimes against gay people and Jews to the list of things you will be executed for.

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Trump could rape a child in broad daylight on fifth avenue and you'd still shill for him.

Weird position for someone who acts like they care about children

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Bill Cosby was not a Trump supporter. Harvey Weinstein was not a Trump supporter. Roman Polanski certainly was not a Trump supporter.

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But you are a trump supporter. And you are defending his child rape.

[–]JewsAreOfColor 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

You’re projecting your own rape of children onto Trump in order to justify your support for white supremacy and imperialism.

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How many times was I photographed with Ghislaine?

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None, you were too busy actually raping children while Trump was running a business and starring on a television show. I only watched it when Dionne Warwick was on it, singlehandedly discrediting the Psychic Friends Network in the process.

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You’re accusing Trump of child rape because you’re projecting your own pedophilia onto the GOP in order to justify your white supremacist imperialist wars were oil and your illegal invasion of the Donbass and your white heterosexual Christian ethnostate terrorism against the ethnic Russians living there.

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You’re accusing Trump of child rape

Actually the person accusing trump of child rape is the child he raped

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Trump never raped anybody unlike you. You’re a pedophile and you’re taking it out on Trump by posting perjury. That lying little bitch needs to go to jail.