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Bill Barr as attorney general didn't happen?

Acosta as transport secretary didn't happen?

Trump on Lolita express didn't happen?

That's called gaslighting

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That’s what you’re doing. None of that stuff actually happened and it is all a racist conspiracy theory used to justify terrorism against Jews and Gay people. Your accusing Gay Jews of pedophilia in order to cover up for your own sick lust little girls is more proof of that. You have not proven that you are not a pedophile. The more you accuse Donald Trump of pedophilia, the more you prove that you, not Trump, are the one who actually wants to have sex with the underage of the opposite sex. You prove that heterosexuality is a perversion worthy of the death penalty.

Heterosexuality is pedophilia. Plain and fucking simple. There is no difference between them. If you’re not gay, then you’re a pedophile. Only a pedophile would use children to justify cockblocking other men.

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None of that stuff actually happened

It's so easy being a reality denier and conspiracy monger.

Was Acosta put up by trump for labor secretary? Never happened.

Was Bill Barr the US attorney general? Never happened.

So easy to just deny the reality that we all share. It's a lot more difficult to consider that you might have been wrong about something

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“Conspiracy“ is a bootlicker buzzword used by the oligarchs to discourage critical thinking and keep the sheeple in line.

No, Trump is not a pedophile like his opponents are. You hate Trump because you want access to little girls and he’s standing in your way of it.

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So was Acosta the labor secretary? Was Bill Barr atty general? It's hard to face reality isn't it. Why don't you call me more names first and then answer about Acosta and Dershowitz and Barr

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You only care about Epstein and Dershowitz because they’re Jewish. You are the one raping children and you are reviving ancient blood libels against Jews and Gays to throw scent off the trail while posting fake news links and perjury by a golddigger to defend the real President of the former United States.

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Sounds like, by trying to change the topic, you're acknowledging that yes, Acosta and Barr really did have those jobs thanks to trump.

It's okay to change the topic if you want to, but the conversation might flow better if you indicate that you're ready to do so by saying "actually I was lying about Acosta and Barr earlier"

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