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That's not how socialism works.

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implying its working! :-P

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Is capitalism working for anyone but the exploiters capitalists?

Like science, socialism is a process. It can be used openly for good or have blind faith in proprietary versions of it.

Big government is the problem, not socialism.

Firemen are evidence of good socialism while all the evils of the military are funded paid via socialism too.

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most if not all of those 'capitalist exploiters' are actually socialists and marxists.

rothschilds created marx and his marxism. engels was a capitalist by any measure. david rockefeller was trained by the fabian socialists in london, all the silicon valley companies and their billionaire owners are marxists and socialists. communist russia and china was created and managed to this very day by the billionaires on wall street...
etc, etc. they just call themselves capitalists to give it a bad name. the same clique responsible for the big govt.

the nwo is socialist in nature

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Are you going by what they call themselves or your subjective label applied to them?

"Totalitarian" is better word. And "Cultural Totalitarianism" is a far more appropriate term than the intentionally divisive, pejorative, and weaponized "Cultural Marxism". /s/magnora7/comments/pv/cultural_marxism_should_be_called_cultural/

I disagree on your assessments of Marx and Engels. Communism, all the flavours, are forms totalitarianism twisted somehow from Marxism (or so they claim), just like Mormons are somehow twisted from Protestants somehow twisted from Catholics somehow twisted from Judaism which has twisted itself - all evolving with distinct ideas. Same with Capitalism and all governments. Just other forms of totalitarianism, some worse than others in different ways.

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feudalism or just slavery is even more to the point.

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True that.

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iow, not a single one of the creators of socialism was guided by a benevolence or care for the working class. the intention is simply not there, never was.. it was the polar opposite. they created scientific socialism not to free, but to subdue the masses and to strip them of both their material, but also mental possessions. the rothschilds, marx, engels, lenin, stalin, mao, castro, pol pot did nothing else but kill and rob. its not because 'thats not real socialism'. that was real socialism, put in practice exactly as fore-visioned by its creators and managers.

the ideals thought to be embedded in socialism are just not there in reality, not part of its genetic makeup, the people who created this ideology wanted only to fool the people (think snake oil salesman), but not actually give them what they promised. politics. pr. propaganda. public education. brainwashing. these are the vehicles they use to propagate this false promise.

socialism is kinda an offshot of organised crime / establishment of that era (engels and mazzini collaborated)

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Socialism is not the problem.

Sharing or being selfish is not the problem.

Balance is good. Transparency is good. Big government loses that.

Exploitation is bad. Big government exacerbates that. Regardless of ideology.

Besides Jimmy Carter, what US president has not "killed and robbed"?

Every negative (and positive) thing you say about socialism can be applied to capitalism. Government is organize crime. (I'm currently reading "CIA As Organized Crime" by Douglas Valentine.)

You are sooo wrong about socialism, and it's counter-Hegelian dialectic capitalism, I don't know where to begin and I need sleep. Take a red pill and call me in the morning.