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Thank you for making this. I see potential for a great future here. It may take time but I hope people will be able to open up about things they are forced to face in silence. It takes time for some (many?) of us because we were never given many opportunities to express ourselves freely and confront our insecurities.

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I see potential for a great future here.

Same here! It's nice to have a men's rights community that has a clean slate

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    You found that on tumblr?

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    No I found it on google image search

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    Homocide victims?

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    Why would you want to kill homos???

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    vermin311. Do not ask him if he's had recent problems with erectile distinction.

    VantaFount is strong like bull.

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    Not every woman is a feminist. And not every man has had their child unjustly removed from their life.

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    But every man has had to work hard for his family, and then got maligned by society for that hard work and bringing home a significant income.

    It's even worse if he doesn't get a significant income. Now he get's maligned and has no appropriately sized income to show for it.

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    I was raised by a devout feminist who was frustrated that her work prospects had dwindled because she was returning to the workforce after 40.

    Growing up, it was hammered repeatedly into my head as absolute truth that men and women are 100% equals in all respects. I have spent the rest of my life unlearning this lie in a so far vain attempt simply to be a functional human being.

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    "re-entering" the workforce at any age is still a matter of having worth. I've met plenty of older people who land sweet jobs due to being 'go getters'.

    I know a gal, who went broke at around 47(she'd retired in her mid thirties doing this), started titty dancing again to build a nest egg. From there with grit, determination, and quick whit, they found other ventures that landed them some very nice corporate America jobs.

    I mention this, as every time I'm whining to myself about things not being fair, I think about that gal.

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    That’s cool. Yeah, even at a young age, it always struck me that way too. I think she had a friend who got fired for being too old so that reinforced her beliefs. I always told her she should write a book but she never really seemed to have that interest, as much as she loooooved telling you about things.

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    You knew a 47 year old titty dancer? How old was she what she quit the second time??

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    So interestingly enough, the other caddy girls made fun of her for her age, but the men liked her. The younger girls never learned half the game is mental, and only knew their crass shitty behavior, and 'look at my tits'.

    This worked in her favor, as she'd worked in her day at very high end clubs in Texas, where there's a whole different attitude.

    She made good to better money than the ankle biters, and did it for another year, then actually through a connection in the club, a customer, made an entry level sales position in corporate America; a year after that, she was put on salary earnings averaged 100k.

    If you have any sales experience, then you've got sales experience. I guess after asking dudes for money to jiggle your tits in their face, well, I'd guess selling a widget isn't too difficult. lol

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    That impressive. You gotta have balls to be making sales as a 47 year old titty dancer. ;-)

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    Any time you re-enter the workforce you are going to have a shitty job.

    You have to have a job for at least a year before anyone will pay attention to you. You end up having to work somewhere where they will hire anyone blind, like a restaurant.

    Your friend probably did what she did because like a restaurant it was no questions asked but paid high enough for her real bills.

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    So I know where you're coming from, but it just doesn't have to be that way; perhaps it's a matter of personal respect, or some sort of knowing that can propel someone higher, or faster; perhaps they've reached a level of 'knowing' in life, where they simply know how to pick fruit from the tree at the right time.

    I do believe it comes down to mindset. For example, I own acreage, and had my literal retarded brother help me gather firewood for the year. We always start early, and finish early. Well, we had some of our property logged a while back, the logger sucked. He left perfectly awesome cut to length firewood laying all over the place. It was due to his processor making 2 foot cuts at the base of a felled tree, before he found solid to cut a log for market.

    Here's the clincher on how it relates to what you're saying. I kept telling my brother, 'hey man, there's ready to go firewood everywhere, just gotta see it, and pick it up'.....

    Well, I shit you not, and it still blows me away, but my brother, and even his roommate literally couldn't see the ready to go firewood 'rounds'. I would point this one, or that one out, and they could finally see those, but not the rest.

    Now, it wasn't due to laziness, no. My brother with his 4 wheeler would haul long logs, and stuff that needed extra processing; cutting, splitting, what have you. Now, that really pissed me off, as I'm the one that does the cutting, and the rest.

    So yesterday, I went out with my brother on a tractor, I had him sit in the front bucket, and I'd drive right up to a round of firewood,'pick that one up'..... At first, he would only pick up really long stuff, and I was like,'no, it's right fricking there, dude!'.

    It took several trips for him to comprehend that given a little time to stop, and look for what he wants, may actually be there, and with less work than he literally 'assumed must be necessary'.

    Off of that, and the old joke about a young bull, and an old bull looking down into a valley comes to mind somewhat. My overall point, it's one's own perception that creates their reality; sometimes it pays to self reflect, and really learn some of our oddities for improvement for other things.

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    This reminds me of how dam lucky I am to have a mother that is reasonable. She used to be a greeny feminist until I (insert joke about giving her equal rights and lefts) told her other wise and she meet some of the people she thought she associated with (pot heads flea bags).

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    She was and as far as I know still is a university egghead intellectualist. She used to say, "You can think your way out of anything." Once I got into the real world and realized that literally wasn't true, my disillusionment began in earnest.

    She used to say things like, "People need to be provided with jobs." Even at a young age, that never fully added up for me.

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    tell me what issues I'm facing

    I have no idea because I don't know your situation. Not all men everywhere will be facing the same issues. But I can tell you that in many Western societies that there are general problems specifically attaining to men (but not all) that don't get enough attention.

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    I hope beyond hope the mods are true and this grows to what it should be.

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    I'm on the same username at Reddit.