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Isn't the incels' 4chan lingo just alt-right ideology, though? Any human turd I've come across that identifies as alt-right is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic edgelord and tends to have a swastika tattooed on them somewhere.

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Interesting the media was quick to point out this was NOT a Muslim terrorist crime - they were correct.

Religious beliefs: None. Political beliefs: None.

But then the media tried to attach the Incel community to the "alt-right"? Incels use the same forums (reddit, 4chan) and borrowed some memes and terminology from the alt-right boards.

The media claim this is an "over-lap".

I think I see an "over-lap".

Muslims terrorists want to kill infidels. Incels want to kill normies.

I guess the media musta missed that one?

Point is they're trying hard to promote a narrative (rise of white supremacy blamed on Trump) that does not exist.

Just like the Juicy Smellit "hate crime" the media ran with until it unraveled due to sheer absurdity.

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if he was autistic find it hard to believe he was never bullied