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That looks beautiful, what kind of yield are you expecting?

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Hey thanks man, I'm hoping somewhere btw 2 and 4 oz per plant, one of them is basically a kush so its yield is lower but its going to be some face smasher, I think. This is my first full run indoors with LED in a tent and I was doubtful but so far its been satisfying. There's some outdoors, I'm hoping to get 2lbs overall. Winter survival y'know.

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What equipment are you using? Which tent? Which LED, and how much did it cost? Are you running CO2?

Looks like a nice yield heading your way.

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Shoot it's (light) about $300 cheaper than it was, this thing is a beast, it needs CO2 and a more professional setup than my low-key peasant attempt. Worth it though so far. Great warranty, efficient..far red and UV/IR, bluetooth control. So no CO2 but maybe next time, minimum nutrients, some maxi-bloom, the seeds are high quality though, $130 for six, so that's probably why it looks so good when I'm mostly clueless. First time indoor, thinking about expanding into a larger attempt.

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I've been looking at the vivosun. In the old days, 1000 watt HPS was the standard, and produced 2.5+ pounds per light.

Now I'm more looking for a personal setup, but have no experience with LEDs. Thanks, I'll check it out.

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Look into led's, I too was into the old school way but it was just too much...these tents and led's....holy toledo is this easy to setup and run. I'm hoping to keep myself supplied entirely in-house with flower and also RSO from the trim. I did this last year and it made for a really nice winter. Not much of a learning curve, the light company is easy to contact and very helpful, they are Chinese however.

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I lost this section of tabs when the icons stopped rendering...

Wanted to ask if about LED light intensity, and how much it costs to get HPS levels. Also, do you have any tips or links on how to do it that way?

Sun has dropped low enough that it's mostly behind a giant redwood now, and outdoor ended a week or two ago with the first rain. Time to move indoors, and perhaps also offset my heating bill, in a two birds/one stone type of way.

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This was my first run with LED's. The final result was beyond expectation, we were blown away. I used a It was around a thousand bucks, I got a deal for a little less. I've never run indoors and this first harvest was spectacular. I'm running again right now and getting ready to transplant into bigger pots hoping for a mid-Feb harvest. We've never seen or read one single complaint about this light. It's a game changer and has enhanced my life. It easily met HPS quality expectations and I'm hoping to add a second one and convert an entire room.

In case it's not clear I had this light hanging in a vivo-sun grow tent 5x5 with a rooftop in a finished basement. Odor was manageable and output stellar. Let me know if there's any more questions.

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Thanks for the reply. How does it compare to these numbers... A 1000 w HPS over a 4x4 tray containing 64 plants (6"x6" per plant, in 3x3 rockwool cubes) yielding 2.5 pounds in 60 days. Nutrients around 1400 EC, 1600 ppm CO2, negative ions, and everything else maxed. Does that sound comparable?

What does it cost to run on a 12/12 schedule?

I'm trying to look at that site, but parts of it don't appear to be working correctly. Am getting no images.

File not found (404 error)

Calls are forwarded to a generic answering machine with no message on it. Seems like a bad sign for that company.


Looks like this is the source for all LED lights at this point. Kind of looks like gambling, and hoping you don't get chinese junk.

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Interesting. Well, I'm more of a hobby, carefree operator right now, it's not a fine science and I really can't give you comparable numbers. Strange about the cs there, it was just a real good deal for me at the time, the reps were real helpful and I didn't have any problems but ya know how it goes! I'm not suggesting you go with these people at all. Nothing real serious here, it's my "model railroad". Cheers!

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Nice flowers! I should grow my own as well but I don't have a green thumb. And it's probably a bit "fragrant" as well. Still, that's a healthy-looking crop.

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There is a carbon filter attached to the tent and when its closed the odor is surprisingly contained, it does smell though yes. Check the other reply for the details in equipment, I got going for under a $1,000, it was not hard, you could do it, I recommend doing it.

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When the local pot shops bar me from entrance from my lack of a vax certificate I might have to consider that option.

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Yeah no shit right. Similar boat, I'm trying to produce everything needed here, what I really need are some chickens.