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Israel says "jump" US says "how high?"

You guys probably know this, but Iran is in full compliance with the nuclear agreement that Obama set up that is still in place with multiple nations aside from the US.

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on top of that, Iran is the target of a full scale economic assault, which hardly gets mentioned in the media:

the State Department is aiming to cut off all Iranian oil exports by November. As this move underscores, Washington has abandoned the fig leaf of diplomacy proffered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month. [] Instead, the White House is embarking on an economic offensive intended to collapse the Iranian government

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Iran has been trying very hard to diversify their economy because of all this. But only having moderate luck.

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Seems confusing. Why are they killing people for a disagreement?

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They'll probably just start with strategic strikes against suspected nuclear facilities but it's a slippery slope to boots on the ground. I don't know when or if Putin would jump in to defend Iran.

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Putin would definitely step in to defend Iran. I think covert regime change, like they did in 1954, would work best. They might use the confusion of a fog of war during these targeted attacks to install a new government somehow. I really don't think we'll see an Iraq-style invasion of Iran, unless Israel gets nuked or something super dramatic like that. But Iran knows that'd be suicide, so they wouldn't do it. That's how it looks to me, anyway.

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'next month' is in three days..