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I've always considered him a limited hangout, since he refuses to ever mention Israel or Zionists. I guess they don't want him anymore?

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lol, same kinda, but i consider his information more real then any corporate news media source, rofl. their banning him under false pretenses of promoting violence and hate speech, rofl.

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I can see three possible reasons this is happening:

  1. He started saying things they don't want him to say. They see him as a loose cannon and are slowly cutting him off, whereas before they saw him as useful as a disinfo agent.

  2. They want to split the country in half even more, by making a big deal about marginalizing those who question them mainstream narrative, forcing them to defend this somewhat-crazy guy. Basically another intentional divide and conquer tactic, in which case him being fired like this was likely the plan from the beginning, to stir people up and make them feel under attack.

  3. There was too much pressure from some group that forced them to act to shut him down, and those in charge could no longer ignore this group.

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its a mix of 2 and 3, lol. infowars has been actively showing live events in the recent portland and berkeley events, they dont want the truth being shown on antifa, so they decided te terminate his primary platform accounts, lol. i dont think he's really crazy, he just has a way of amplifying the already dramatic atmosphere, lol

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they dont want the truth being shown on antifa, so they decided te terminate his primary platform accounts,

Ah which is #1. So I guess it's all 3! He's definitely at least partly crazy, that's why the disinfo people love him. Or at least used to.

I wonder if in a few weeks he'll be back on the air, and will never mention antifa again?

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ah true, kind of all 3, lol. and crazy is a matter of perspective, rofl. if he is crazy in some form, it pales in comparison to the insanity the corporate media is pushing, rofl

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Well, that's fair. Perhaps it's more accurate to say he acts crazy. That's the part people see from the outside looking in, and it gives all alternative media a bad name imo. Plus he overshoots with his ideas sometimes in a conspiratorial direction and I don't think it's helpful to discussing actual alternate news.

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I've been pondering the aspect of division regarding this whole thing. My conclusion so far is this. Due to the fact that it's highly probable that Alex Jones will use the attention occurring from the Streisand Effect to increase the polarization that is responsible for the absence of rational dialogue between the "two sides" I can only suspect that Alex Jones is part of the plan to intentionally divide US citizens through ideological propaganda. I doubt he will use the attention wisely or in a manner that promotes constructive discussion in any way.

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I think this is accurate, and matches what I expect to see as well. He's clearly a controlled asset, it seems they're just changing the method of his exposure.

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The timing is highly suspicious as well...anniversary of the Charlottesville incident. "Method of exposure" honestly, I think they're going with a "pied piper 2.0" strategy, if we've learned anything over the last year or so it's the fact that they keep going with the same old strategies...they just dress them up in a different shirt and tie. It's pathetic.

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Problem with Jones is he doesn't take mental health seriously and he doesn't care about yours either. He wants you in a raging mess that can't think correctly, everything is against you type thinking. Yelling and being a screaming mess isn't what men do, they think and ponder with a calm attitude in order to figure things out together. He also wussed out and said he's entertainment, so he crumples his beliefs to get his way.

I'm not exactly sure if he deserves to be kicked off bc I don't watch him, he's just noise. I find a lot of the current things don't matter anyway bc the things we could fix like the united states buying it's own money from a private banking cartel at interest would settle out a lot of the current problems.

Just to sum up, I think Jones money ran out and nobody is afraid of his lawyers now so he finally gets the boot like many other shithole conspiracy channels. Also to clarify, there is a lot of interesting conspiracy, my favorite being cultural layer right now, so I'm not discounting conspiracy, I just don't like unproductive conspiracy.

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He wants you in a raging mess that can't think correctly, everything is against you type thinking

I think this is super true. His listeners often think they're being informed, but many times they're just being whipped up in to a frenzy that's just as bad as what the MSM is creating.

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Ugh I hope he doesn't come away from this with even more credibility for the kids who are into conspiracy. I guess he won't be jumping over to Fox now, that's what I was betting on.

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He does this same shit every year trying to get his credibility up, maybe it is for real this time. I wouldn't put it past him to do it on purpose so he can launch something else and bring in all the retards.

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I wouldn't put it past him either, maybe starting fresh with a new YouTube channel.