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good on them. i think those profiting from the for-profit prison system are less of a human than the majority of the inmates (10 years for a spliff, etc).

from the organizers site:

"Incarcerated people are legally slaves as per the 13th Amendment which abolished "slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime". We are legally slaves. If you've been to prison you'd know we are treated like slaves. Billions are made annually off our backs. Outrageously priced or grossly inadequate privatized 'services' like health care, food, phone calls, assault our humanity - they feed us like animals, suck our families dry, and when sick leave us to die. The government spends as much as an elite college tuition per person to keep each of us incarcerated, but this money does not develop us as human beings, reduce crime or make our communities safer."

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I agree completely. It may take a generation for the overall public's opinion to change, but it definitely needs to change. We can do better than this.

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Agreed completely. It's honestly a crime against humanity. We have both the highest number of prisoners overall, and per-capita, of any country in world history. Right now. This is not ok.

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With over 3 million inmates, this could be a big deal

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Hah, Folsom Prison tried to stop the hunger strike by serving burritos.