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Some things are worth going to jail for.

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Jesus Christ.

Everything is a joke now.

One way to deal with the police state now is civil disobedience.

The government and illegal immigrants don't obey the law. Why should Americans? You're already breaking the law anyway.

Using a VPN is illegal? Use a VPN.

Carrying cash is illegal? Carry cash.

Smoking is illegal? Smoke.

If swearing is illegal, curse.

If wearing a baseball cap is illegal, wear a baseball hat.

Churches are illegal? Go to church.

Guns are banned? Buy a gun.

If straws are outlawed, use a straw.

Don't get a business license.

Don't pay taxes.

When stopped by the Gestapo, smile, act dumb, remain silent, ask if you're free to go, and don't consent to searches.

Practice jury nullification by refusing to convict anyone.

Pass the word.