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a horde of people literally chasing him down trying to kill him. dosent get much more self defense than that.

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1080p non-youtube version. Useful because why watch grainy footage down-scaled an extra time?

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So they put you in jail with 2 million dollars bail without even having done the ballistics. I think US justice is kaputt.

But nonetheless Rittenhouse i regard as quite dim traveling this far to get involved into this.

The only dimmer one in this video is Grosskreutz advancing with a freshly drawn handgun onto a rifle while already standing this close. It is a wonder Rittenhouse only hit him in the arm.

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He was FROM Kenosha and lifeguarding that day.

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And even then why should you go there when you can correctly infer that there are assholes like this beforehand because you know your community?

With guns ? This is a hard age he is in that's a given. But otherwise i just can't understand this recklessness and self-ignorance. How can you safeguard people for the rest of your life when you gotta expect to die even when its only from a stray or ricochet shot ? I can recognize no samaritanism in this even with all my will.

Let the police do their job and insurance companies take care of the rest. Why even go near an obviously agressive mob ?

It makes me sad that they now put him in a cell like this but if he had thought about this better then he probably wouldn't be prejudiced and labelled like he is now.

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'let the police do their job'. meanwhile town is on fire, cops are not capable of being everywhere at once which is why people like Kyle felt it necessary to volunteer like that. cops aren't going to go out of their way to protect businesses.

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Don't you have a national guard or feds or something like that ? In the beginning of the video they state that the protests were already going on for a while so why did nobody call them ?

And why aren't these people in jail now for not doing their job ? Why does a youngster like him even have to feel obliged to do something like that ?

It is a tragedy that he is in jail now while in contrast the actually responsible authorities for incidents like this were obviously playing with their balls.

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so I take it you're not from the U.S. if you're asking those questions? Yes, national guard was not deployed seriously until this happened (governor refused federal help initially ). Another riot mismanaged by a democrat.

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Obviously not. In Germany you gotta get a permit for a protest this size (no joke).

And then they first forbid it two times because of distance and hygiene rules and a higher court then has to allow it again because our constitution says so. :)

Just happened exactly this way in some cities.

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Yet again, your armchair commentary is both annoyingly inflammatory, lacking logic and based on zero experience.

The only reason I haven't blocked you is because sometimes I find the stupid shit you say to be vaguely entertaining.

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Armchair commentary: Block me for fuck's sake. I was in the Army for four years with some extraterritorial stints for wars your fucking government started without any reasonable justification whatsoever.

And since it is a simple tactic to fight no fight you can't win because i actually read books in my armchair, i don't give a shit what you define to be stupid.

Get a grip or don't. Honestly: I don't care.

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You fought for your military and expect respect from it? Kind of silly

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If you didnt care you wouldn't a) take it so incredibly personally and b) spend so much of your private time engaged in this discussion.

Weird, you suggested to not fight in a fight you cant win - are you blaming the rioters for starting a fight they couldn't win? It seems counter to what you were saying before. Americans often want to go out and provide aid and assistance to others during demonstrations - you advocating against any form of participation or assistance with demonstrations highlights how little you likely value freedom.

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Let our police do their jobs? The left isn't dealing with this how they should (they should burn down the political parties, the politicians, and the Federal Reserve, along with other administration buildings for globalist banks) but the police (and the GovCorp) no longer have provable authority beyond that of a pointed gun and manufactured consent. This is more complicated than people realize. There are good reasons for everyday people to riot/protest, and good reasons for people to police their own cities. People just aren't doing it the right way.

Btw, I agree with your other comments on this subject concerning Sun Tzu. If he were more careful and wise, he could've (or would've) avoided the situation, or at least avoid getting arrested.

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He wanted to play GI Joe and be a hero.

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Whites are pathetic. They are hiding behind this kid. Arent you ashamed.

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Real black people love Kyle!

Finally someone had the balls to stand up to animals making everyone else look bad.

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Also the two people he actually killed are also the evil whitey

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    I guess you need /s tags. Sorry.

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    Rittenhouse is pathetic. But so is saying 'whites are pathetic'. My dude, I can show you pathetic people of every melanin persuasion.

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    A Zionist Jew would say this. Are you a Zionist Jew? We are caucasians and so are you. The difference is, if you a Jewish, you are part of a cult that cares too much about race. Makes sense because Zionism is racism.

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    Another stupid psyop

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    Not sure. Seemed to me people got shot but then again they faked Sandy hook and Pulse gay club shooting.

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    Editing's cheesy over the top.

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    If they wanted me to see it they'd have cut to the point. One minute of drivel about lifeguarding and graffiti removal and I was out. You don't need to editorialize for me, show me the video of what happened.

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    If only all the sheep were like you, Youtube wouldn't even need to censor this.

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    "Show me the evidence, let me decide"


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    "I refuse to look at evidence"

    "I'm not a sheep!"

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    "Show me the evidence."

    He refuses to look at evidence!!!"

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    Official download link to the video for those interested in archiving located here:

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    That video shows nothing. I've got a better one.

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    According to Tim Pool, YT is censoring anyone who posts this video or critiques it.

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    This is better reporting that most of our propaganda, ahem I mean "news" reporters do. Give the creator of this a job.