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Establishment does business as usual.

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That's kind the point why i posted this. :)

US-citizens are fucked, no matter who they did vote for.

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Not that everyone is equal in the 'establishment', however. And the other articles are evidence of their obvious propagada . Biden's group will not compare in the least with the corrupt asshats of the past 4 years who've been in the process of fucking up every government agency they could

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I seriously doubt that: Biden has been in the Federal government in one capacity or another for nearly half of a century. He has surrounded himself/been surrounded with the usual suspects of the last 20 years or more, as well as getting endorsements from even more.

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I'm going to guess he won't get to use his transition team anyway by the look of things.

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Yes, if only he would hire the upstanding people President Trump employed.

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if trump would have just hired some ladies with dicks, he would have been fine.

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Also a trans team.

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That would be indeed better.

But he will not, because Biden probably profits personally from granting access to corporations and starting new wars.

Biden will also make sure that the tens of thousands of pieces of corruption evidence against his family will never get investigated further.

Funny how people are okay with obvious corporate corruption, if they are just sufficiently indoctrinated.

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    Yes, Trump ending wars and negotiating peace treaties between jews and arabs in the middle east is very frightening.

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      The wars have not ended- but he dis begin strategic withdrawals of US troops from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Oman. His predecessor either landed initially or increased troop presence in all of those countries. No word lately about how many are left in Congo, Sierra Leone or the others where Obama started wars.

      Peace and trade agreements normalized relations between UAE and Israel- amazing- followed up by Bahrain's. Not as amazing as Israel and Sudan, which no one saw coming.

      So, (sorry, I get so busy with facts)what were you saying?

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      How is Trump "scary"?

      Sure, he jokes around too much, because some people can't take a joke and think he is serious. But looking at what he actually accomplished, its pretty good in all areas.

      • Lowest unemployment in 80 years until Covid hit.
      • Lowest unemployment for minorities.
      • No new wars (first president in 40 years) and
      • removal of US troops from existing wars.
      • More peace treaties in the Middle East than all other presidents combined.
      • In health care he is putting price limits on drugs (that's why Pfizer was keen to get rid of him and published the Covid vaccine news the day after the election).
      • During the Portland riots, he could have used the Insurrection Act and send troops, but he did not and instead tried to work with the far left governour.
      • list goes on and on...

      Not sure what you are looking for?

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      Biden's transition team

      They will be tasked with slicing off the penises of all male team members and surgically attaching them to female team members. You know, for equality and inclusion.

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      And channeling taxpayers dollars to big pharma for lifelong hormone therapy for everyone...

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      Well, obviously.