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What kind of future does "" have when Trump left office having done almost none of what he promised? That's not even getting into Q shit, where surely there are a bunch of disappointed supporters, but their disappointment is on them.

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For the past couple years, it was apparent to everyone with half a brain that Q was total horseshit.

The morons didn't figure it out until yesterday, when Biden took office. They are criminally stupid.

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I'd hope the ideas are bigger than the man.

There was always a chance that the guy who made billions selling an idea and not usually delivering would sell the idea but not deliver. The idea isn't going away, though.

The idea that the powerful are corrupt and out to screw you over. The idea that a society based on freedom and equality is actually worth something and something to be proud of compared to despotic regimes. The idea that nobody should be ashamed of who they are based on their skin color or gender or who they want to sleep with. The idea that we should be proud of building something, that just pushing soldiers around and pushing resources around and living on borrowed money forever is an unsustainable model. The idea that we should stand up to tyrants instead of supplicating to them.

He didn't deliver, but he reminded people that they wanted better. They wanted better when they voted Barack Obama into office, and frankly they still do want better. Biden was never going to do it. Maybe nobody will. Maybe nobody can.

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When has a politician, let alone a POTUS live up to his electoral promises? Before JFK?

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Says the pharma shill

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Says the pharma shill

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Says the pharma shill

Big Pharma and Big Health Care were initially against Obamacare

This regulated healthcare so that millions of Americans with no healthcare got Obamacare, regardless of preexisting conditions.

Now with certain Dems in Office, there should be some regulation of Big Pharma, who've been bribing Repuglicans all along

Think, Tom.

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No, Obamacare was Romneycare. Obama promised a public option and failed to deliver despite a majority in the House and Senate.

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This is true.

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He didn't get everything he and his team asked for - including a public option - but that's normal for such a groundbreaking process. Yes, there were elements in the bill one can compare with Romneycare, but that was also a practical step in the process - to develop a plan that had already been developed. The result however was a different, national plan. And the problems with some of the Democrats at that time is that they could be bought, and some of them were thus voted out of office. Some are still in office, and should be voted out in 2 years.

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Obamacare was a love letter to insurance companies. It had a couple of nice things, but overall did nothing but make it mandatory that a person purchase the product of these companies.

The regulations were a joke in the face of making it illegal to not buy the product.

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Yes, there have been problems with Obamacare. My main point - in response to a typical toddler comment about politicians - is that Obama promised it and delivered it, warts and all.

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That's arguable. He promised healthcare reform. He delivered a mandate that everyone has to buy the very products they were complaining about about.

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Big Pharma and Big Health Care were initially against Obamacare

The first line in your rebuttal admits the Democrats sold out.

You're a mediocre shill.

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No, Tom. Again, you're not thinking.

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They bribe Dems too. Note the big trans EO he just did which is fuel for pharma continuing to make bank off of transing kids.

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Yes, money in politics is fueling corruption on both sides of the aisle. There should be conflict of interest laws to combat this.

If you refer to an executive order (EO?) for transexual rights, consider also the main motivation, which is to focus on human rights, diversity, and send symbolic messages to his base that he supports an inclusive society that does not restrict sexual orientation. I think no one would assume this has anything to do with Big Pharma or Big Healthcare. In order to make this argument, consider how much money this multi-trillion $ industry makes from a small number of sex change processes. The big money is in other sectors.

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ACA was a COMPLETE giveaway to the health insurance and pharma industry. Ask any actuary.

Blatant corruption.

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I agree that the health insurance and pharma industries abused the ACA process, and that this is indeed blatant corruption. But I don't think there was any initial intention for this to happen with ACA. So much was sacrificed in order to make ACA happen. I hope there will be politicians who will seek reform in this area. Healthcare in the US is an embarrassment, by contrast with national plans in some other countries.

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Realistically, just because someone says that they're against something doesn't mean that they're against it. Anyone with half a brain would realize that the insurance companies would stand to make out like bandits if the government mandated that everyone had to be a customer or they'd have to pay a fine.

At that point, it's just a matter of keeping a straight face while they deliver an entire customer base by Fiat unto you. "no, we really don't want this, for sure, definitely don't give us all those customers who are perfectly healthy, no whatever will we do"

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There's a new trust the plan bs on here lol.

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Creepy. We've gone passed 1984 and Brave New World, our dystopia is more like a Lovecraftian cult story.

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    H̴̫̫̮̔a̴̺̐͘̕i̸̬͙̗̕͘l̷̢̜̕ ̸̡̬̒̉c̸͙̗͚̃̀͐t̵͚͠h̶̄̓̃ͅų̸̘͓́͠l̴̤͍͐h̵͓͙̔͐u̸̠͑͋

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    P̵̣̟̳͂ḧ̷̪́͋͌'̸̱̯̔ņ̸̰̒̌g̶͇̜͚̃̅̈́l̸̦̰̉̉̚ȗ̵̹̻̎̅i̵̭̯̻̿̽͆ ̷̡̉̀ṃ̶̇g̷͉͇̑ḽ̷̛͓̈̕w̷̺͆̑̑'̶̜̓͑̾n̷̨͕̓͘a̸̠̦̐̄f̷̯͘ḥ̴͍̪̑͛̀ ̷̢̣̘͘C̶̥̲̈́t̷͚͍̉̋͜h̷͕̖̰̐̎́u̴̥̹̭͗l̷̨̮̭̎͒̇ḩ̶̣̀̓u̴̬̓ ̴͚̇R̶̹̪̘̓̋'̸̞͛͌l̷͖̰͂̉ŷ̴͍͎͎͘̚ȩ̸̀̇h̸͈̲̤́̌͝ ̷̙̾̃̇w̴̧̰̳̑̈͝g̸̻͊̂̂a̶̡͓͗͗͝h̵̡͆̾'̵̡͖̃́͛͜ṉ̴̿̕a̴͚̱̽̈g̷͉͙̬̽͠l̴̰͇̓ ̵̟̚f̴̹͚̌h̵̡̫̹̍̂͝ẗ̷̘͇́̐ã̷̯̗͍͆͠g̴̢̘̊n̵̠͊ͅ

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    LOL Best I can find on this is:

    Epistemological particularism is the view that one can know something without knowing how one knows it.[1] By this view, one's knowledge is justified before one knows how such belief could be justified. Taking this as a philosophical approach, one would ask the question "What do we know?" before asking "How do we know?" The term appears in Roderick Chisholm's "The Problem of the Criterion", and in the work of his student, Ernest Sosa ("The Raft and the Pyramid: Coherence versus Foundations in the Theory of Knowledge"). Particularism is contrasted with methodism, which answers the latter question before the former. Since the question "What do we know" implies that we know, particularism is considered fundamentally anti-skeptical, and was ridiculed by Kant in the Prolegomena.

    Closely associated with Franz Boas and the Boasian approach to anthropology, historical particularism rejected the cultural evolutionary model that had dominated anthropology until Boas. It argued that each society is a collective representation of its unique historical past. Boas rejected parallel evolutionism, the idea that all societies are on the same path and have reached their specific level of development the same way all other societies have.[2] Instead, historical particularism showed that societies could reach the same level of cultural development through different paths.[2]

    Boas suggested that diffusion, trade, corresponding environment, and historical accident may create similar cultural traits.[2] Three traits, as suggested by Boas, are used to explain cultural customs: environmental conditions, psychological factors, and historical connections, history being the most important (hence the school's name).[2]

    Critics of historical particularism argue that it is anti theoretical because it doesn't seek to make universal theories, applicable to all the world's cultures. Boas believed that theories would arise spontaneously once enough data was collected. This school of anthropological thought was the first to be uniquely American and Boas (his school of thought included) was, arguably, the most influential anthropological thinker in American history.

    Here's a nice quote Saidit will love:

    What are the marks of a sick culture? It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it isn’t the whole population. A very bad sign. Particularism. It was once considered a Spanish vice but any country can fall sick with it.

    By Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) in: 'Friday' [Dr. Baldwin] (1982)

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    i was thikning soihtemng sialimr, but tehn a sqrriuel crlwaed up my ass and i dediced to tkae a npa.

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    You get banned there anyways if you cross invisible lines so it's always bene 'down' for me. In fact a few days ago posting would say 'You need to be an approved member' whatever that means.

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    Cambridge Analytica suddenly ran out of funding?

    Jokes aside, I'm a bit saddened when I see alternatives close down and the internet community space get smaller.

    But I'm guessing if it really was a rouge moderator as they claim, they'll have the site back up soon enough.

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    Should be, or, or, or, or, or, or, or, or, or, or, or,,, or, or, or, or

    But definitely not patriots...

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    We can't all be good Chinese patriots, since China has no naturalization process whatsoever, being a literal National socialist dictatorship with concentration camps.

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    Found the Antifa(g).

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    Were you looking for people who don't like fascism? Are you looking for fags?

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    They tend to be the same people. Antifa types are fags.

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    Are "fags" bad? Is anti-fascism bad? (No need to answer. It's bizarre that right wing news media have brain wash people into thinking that protesting fascism is bad, as are same-sex relationships.)

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    ''But sweety, we're AGAINST Fascism! If you oppose us, then you MUST be Fascists!''

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      The rope?

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        the rope/the bullet too

        Depending on ones perspective, that phrase typically ends with one of those.

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        I... Kinda want to buy that one.

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        This is in fact wrong. It has simply been moved to it's new home.

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        This site can’t be reached refused to connect. is still up. Haven't checked all the sub sites.

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        Interesting point, so the .win network as a whole is still functional

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        The couple I clicked on worked. There was apparently a Xiden mole who was a mod, or owner, and he took it down.

        they don't want to "dox" him

        All anyone has to do is go and see which mod is missing

        they switched to

        Discord comments.

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        Can't keep a good site down. So when is something going to happen to Amazon's site, or Twitter.....

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        Lmfao nice

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        Bamm, for the win. Good job lads.

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        They wouldn't be quarantining containment zones if they were winning.

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        it is my opinion that many of the "pro-trump" websites and portals were actually operated by "anti-trumpers". had as their senior moderator a pakistani that is actually in pakistan, and i want to assure you that pakistan is a "muslim country" and i promise you that muslims literally hate trump and want him dead.

        it is a bit like having the nazis operating "pro-jewish" websites.

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        pakistani that is actually in pakistan, and i want to assure you that pakistan is a "muslim country"

        Some people in Muslim counties want Islam gone. They just pretend to love it because Islam kills apostates.

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        Well, it's not that weird considering how closely they worked with Hitler.
        You should look in to the story of Max Warburg or the Havaara Agreement.

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        Why would they be doing this shit? What do they have to gain with this pretend game? Do they listen too much to Wee Sing and Pretend? Which actually has a lot of their best songs on it ironically. :/

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        Whelp, guess you guys are just going to have to kill yourselves now.

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        What you need is a .lose, loser or .lost website.

        [–][deleted] 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children) is down for me too.

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        Alt-tech is in the early stages of building supporting infrastructure. When those that have been silenced by the establishment have their own sites, servers and payment processers it will be left to the government to shut them down. We will find out if the 1st amendment will withstand it.

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        New action movie, The Donald Has Fallen.

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        I'd watch it.

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        Somehow with 70,000,000 "Trump supporters" there must be several thousand SW engineers capable of setting up alternate websites.

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        Very sinister.

        [–]Zednix 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) according to this they are rebranding as

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        Trump supporters were given the run around.

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        PsyOp Complete.

        Know one place where there are NO-PsyOps?? The Permaculture Garden