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Personally, I suspect Ukraine hackers that are connected to some security companies (like Crowstrike) in the US.
They work for the CIA anyway.

That way they can collect money twice and blame Russia again.

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Back in I think the 70s when we had a gas shortage many of our gas stations had no gas signs and closed, I'm not seeing that so far.

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This is just east coast US.

Why or how critical infrastructure would be susceptible to a ransomware attack is beyond me.

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Rule 1. When shit goes down blame Russia.

Rule 2. When your company is to cheap/lazy to secure company computers read rule 1.

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I think (regardless if the hack is real or not) this is all just another game to hide the massive inflation we are experiencing. Notice how there are no specific details on how exactly this hack is stopping the fuel from flowing. It is likely an artificial scarcity to justify a price hike which will never go down to what it was. They will Jack it up to $10 then after the incident it will fall to $8 and all the media will tell you it's cheap.