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But there's really no evidence to support any of it, masks, lockdowns.

If there were an actual pandemic we'd be mourning our co-workers, friends, and neighrbors - and that's just not the case.

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there is absolutely no evidence that anyone ever shitting on a raft.

it makes no sense to me whatsoever, when you could just hang over the side and poop in the water?

hey, do you ever watch those videos of those crazy people that hang a tent on the side of a cliff and sleep there all night? did you know that it is against park rules to poop over the side and let it drop to the ground? they have to carry a poop bag and then they have to carry the bag of poop while they finish their climb.

i thought that you might want to know this.

note: i was very careful not to threaten any animal or person with acts of violence in this post.

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Good to know the shit's in the bag

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you are good.