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Teachers are in the darkest media rabbit hole that there ever was and there is no climbing out of it for them, they will inject themselves until they die.

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Yeah, most "teachers" entering schools today are brainwashed servants of one of the two pillars of globalist insanity: neoliberal-nanny retardation or communist-nanny retardation. Both pillars are hyper-feminized, "over-socialized", emotional drainers and spewers of globalist psychobabble with extra emphasis on anti-whiteness and hatred dressed up in rainbows. Such was the goal of federalization/centralization of "public schools" all along leading to the most recent "common core" Trojan Horse.

Globalists and communists understand the need to "get them while they're young".

Yet normies keep throwing their kids to the wolves daily. If the kid isn't "enriched" by the "teachers", they'll be "enriched" by an anti-white hellzone. The only intelligence fostered is of those awake enough to see it's not the way it should be.