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'Replacing white folks' has NOTHING to do with RACE, and EVERYTHING to do with ECONOMICS.

It is likely about both. The Japanese and Korean elite could increase their profits by importing cheaper labor from abroad, but they dont. This only happens in majority white countries. In the US they arent importing guest workers, they are importing permanent residents who will become citizens, and whose children automatically become citizens. This isnt just about economics, as in many European countries it has been conclusively proven that these immigrants are a net economic loss, and yet they are still continually brought in, to the point it drastically alters the nations ethnic demographics not in centuries, but in mere years. So how can you conclude this has nothing to do with race? That doesnt pass the bullshit test.

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I think you are misunderstanding me.

The Japanese and Korean elite could increase their profits by importing cheaper labor from abroad, but they dont.

I was saying the reasons FOR importing labor are based on economic motives, motives not to do it are another matter entirely, and maintaining cultural homogeneity I admit is one of them

in many European countries it has been conclusively proven that these immigrants are a net economic loss,

I am not talking about economics in terms of GDP. During the pandemic we had 'net economic loss' yet the wealthy elites like Bezos and Musk got richer. If the wealthy can get wealthier with bad economics they will. Same point with importing labor in America. Special interests of wealthy individuals control politics, not the general interests of all.

The reason the US is 'Replacing the whites' has nothing to do to with a racial motive to get rid of white people is my point. It has to do with the motive of wealthy people to economically exploit cheap labor. The consequences of this, indeed cause racial issues, I am not denying that, I am talking about the causation of the declining white population not being caused by the elites having some sinister racial ideological conspiracy to get rid of the white race

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So this is a complicated issue, and there's no way to go through all this briefly, but I'll try to give a brief summary that doesnt cover EVERYTHING driving this, as I'd have to write a fucking book here to cover it all.

The reason mass immigration from non european nations began in the US in the first place is the Hart Cellar act. The Hart Cellar act was instituted in large part by heavy Jewish lobbying. Now why would they have cared about importing large numbers of non Europeans to the US and causing this to accelerate by chain migration? Well, we know why, because some of them explicitly said why when talking to a largely Jewish audience, they said it was because Jews would be safer in a "multicultural" society. The logical reason being if you are the only minority, or one of the only ones, then you stick out like a sore thumb, and at least theoretically would be more likely to be persecuted.

Now the US at that point had never had any real history of serious persecution of Jews. Certainly no pogroms or any violence aside from a few scattered incidents. So why would these Jews think it was worth permanently altering the US demographically over a problem that hadnt really existed in the US? WW2 and their experience in it is why. Again, we know this because some of them stated it, albeit to Jewish audiences only.

Now this is a very dubious strategy, especially when you consider that not only had Americans not had a history of serious persecution of Jews, but because the country had even just fought and bled fighting a country that had persecuted Jews. Germany. So while this may have been their motivation, it was a stupid, short sighted, narcissitic and ultimately self destructive one, but so great was the fear and antipathy towards white christians resulting from ww2 of a segment of the Jewish population that they deemed it needed to be done anyway, and it was this segment that drove this pro mass immigration effort and a lot the continually escalating anti white pseudo social science that has since taken hold of the US. This certainly doesnt mean that all Jews bought or buy into it, but a very fanatical, dedicated, and well funded segment did, and a larger segment has passively gone along with it, and any suggestion that this happened has generally resulting in nearly all of them circling the wagons and attacking anyone who suggests it, despite it, you know, being true.

Obviously since that act there have been plenty of wealthy Americans who also encouraged mass immigration solely out of greed, with no real racial/ethnic motive or concerns, along with other Americans who went along with it out of a sense of bleeding heart guilt(both of which the previously mentioned group of Jews exploited heavily).

Now in Europe, in the examples I mentioned where it has been proven there is no economic benefit, by that I mean pretty much no one. I mean literally no one in Sweden benefits economically by importing massive numbers of Somalis or North Africans, not even their 1%. They have been a complete and total economic drain to all segments of society aside from maybe a tiny percentage who work in the "diversity" industry, funded by people like George Soros, who does not personally economically benefit from this but has other ulterior motives that almost certainly dont involve the wellbeing of Swedes or Europeans.

So, the reality is that this is not SOLELY economic. I havent even gone into the partisan politics of it, whereby some Democrats believe it is politically advantageous to import large numbers of new voters they think will be more likely to support them, "replacing" the ones who dont.

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Appreciate the reply, and I think that what you are saying has merit. You are correct that it is not 100% an economic issue, I will admit my claim went too far, although I still think personal greed is the primary or original driver of this phenomenon.

What about much earlier American history? The influx of Chinese to build the railroads also seems driven by the price of labor and the need to exploit it. As far as slavery, I know that Jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, but if importing slaves was a conspiracy, this would likely revolve around appealing to the self-interest and economic greed of non-jewish Americans, although racial inferiority was definitely used to justify this, so again maybe I am biased towards seeing things only through the lens of economics.

I do think the situation in socialist democracies like we see in Scandinavian countries is different than the US. They create a very strong social safety net, and pay for it with progressive taxation, so there is no good economic greed motivation to import these people, because the rich will just have to subsidize their cost of living one way or another. I admit that my economic theory fails to explain why Scandinavian nations would embrace mass immigration. I can see that social/political ideology is indeed be a factor here, although I wonder if this was always the case, or a result of American culture pushing this narrative globally because we ended up with a melting pot due to greed, and need everyone to get along now. (You do however make a fair point about the democrats wanting to import a bunch of brown people due them voting Blue)

Anyways, this is issue is more nuanced that I was giving it credit for, and I appreciate you widening my perspective on this a bit