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Often? Let's look at what media outlets and "journalists" have helped caused in recent times.

Unnecessary wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of people, primarily in the middle east. Remember weapons of mass destruction, it was the media that perpetuated that lie, remember Saddams supposed connections to al Queda and 9/11? It was the media that perpetuated that lie.

All news media aren't responsible for all of that. All of that was pushed by an Israel/US conspiracy, not journalists, FFS. It's thanks to journalists that we know about the Israel/US conspiracy, and many of those journalists have been killed violently over the years.

Remember the mass riots and record increase in murders that happened during the summer of floyd? It was the media that perpetuated conspiracy theories about whites hunting down blacks that caused those?

Again - not related to the news media. Note also that there were plenty of phone videos and photos on social media.

Remember the numerous black on white murders, some likely racially motivated that the media ignore, even censor? I do, it's been happening for years now, while the media obsesses over white on black murders, which in has certainly fueled more black on white murders.

Still not related to the news media.

Remember the lies about Russian collusion and anti Russian conspiracies and "dossiers" about political and social interference the media perpetuated? I do.

Also not related to news media. Trump was impeached because of that collusion (but this didn't stop him). Not also that Carlson constantly spreads alt right and far right misinformation and propaganda, much of it included in the Buffalo shooter's manifesto.

Remember the continuous Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians as well as collective punishment of Palestinians the media has ignored, or justified, while pressuring Americans to give more money to this violent Jewish supremacist apartheid regime? I do.

Problem in this case is that the IDF (not independent journalists) are providing the ONLY information , unless there are videos by private individuals or by independent journalists in the area, one of whom was recently assassinated. Journalists help in this case, whereas the IDF are causing problems.

I could on and on and on about the problems our propagandistic agenda driven media has caused. There are certainly some good journalists out there. You have people like Glenn Greenwald that speak truth to power, but 95% of the modern media punch down at the powerless in the name of the powerful. They work for and serve oligarchs. They are divisive propagandists and nepotists. If you are part of this and remain silent, as 95% of journalists do, you are not "good people" by most definitions of good. Maybe you have a different definition, Maybe you think what is good is good for the ____. Ill let you fill in the blank.

Journalists help us speak truth to power. Without them, we do not get the best information. (And I do not refer to EVERY 'news' agency.)

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You keep saying not the media, when it IS the media. Also, now that social media is strictly controlled, what is allowed and not allowed, what is promoted and what is suppressed or outright censored means it is now media. In fact it is more powerful that traditional media because it can better create the illusion of peer pressure for whatever issue you want to create this illusion on.

Want kids to think everybody thinks X and nobody thinks Y? Easy, delete every comment from every kid that says Y, and ban them. Now promote on front pages every kid who says X, and if need be create shill accounts that also say X, and there you go, you just artificially manufactured peer pressure. You manufactured consent. This happens every day on reddit.

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This is the absolute truth. The illusion of social media being a product of popular opinions makes it the most powerful propaganda in history. That is why they are so terrified of musk buying Twitter.