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"Pedophiles are not straight....even though theyre straight and traffic little girls" "africans arent straight even though theyre swimming in AIDS and can they be straight when they have AIDS" "Jeffrey Epstein isnt straight, he's jewish"

How do you not expect me to laugh at you when you speak like this? Am i supposed to make you feel better about yourself by nurturing your delusions? What in the fuck of christ kind of cognitive dissonance are you displaying here and why do you expect me to participate in it?

Either respond to this or shut up. No one is going to indulge your straw man bullshit.

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You are not making an argument.

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You're not even engaging in one. Smearing your feces across the wall and then turning around to say "you're not making an argument" is not the "win" you think it is. No one is going to indulge your bad faith cockroachisms.

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It's interesting, gays don't show much talent for logic. So much so I kinda think Alan Turing must have been a fraud.

Did find this, but I didn't delve deeper, not sure it's true:

Some biographers have tried to tell us that Alan Turing was the only man on earth to crack the Enigma code machine of the Germans. However, the facts tell a different story. Truth is stranger than fiction. The Enigma machine and code book were captured and given to the British BEFORE World War Two. Research proves that Alan Turing was incapable of repairing his own bicycle and his only contribution to the war was to propose a ridiculous theory that failed to help anyone. Was Alan Turing nothing more than a fraud promoted by the British government to cover up the REAL story? This book reveals the truth behind the breaking of the Enigma cryptography machin and calls into question the life and claims of Alan Turing. These are the facts the movie failed to show the public.