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Uh, this article seems a little, I don't know, off. There's a suspiciously high number of horse-based puns in there. I mean, sure, it's the New York Post and all, but I still think that'd be a bit much even for them.

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hot, would

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4 times in one day

I don't know why, but I suspect this charge/accusation is a punishment for not following orders from The Big Club (and you're not in it).

Maybe she did what they're claiming.
She's a wealthy MILF horse breeder, so this kid is either a prodigious stallion beyond comprehension, or the abused son of an oligarch.

Or the kid was bribed to set her up.

4 times in one day, is a weird detail. Could be a message to those in the know.

The "elite" live a luxurious life... under the shadowy threat of blackmail.

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4 times in one day, is a weird detail.

Might explain why she likes 'em young though.

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Yeah, but why does he like them old?

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He probably doesn't, not specifically. But let's be honest, an attractive female human of any age offers a teenage boy sex, and there's a high chance he'll go for it. And that's without any overt manipulation. If she's not above pushing some buttons ("What, you're not gay, are you?", "Well it can't hurt to just look, wanna see me naked?", "I can show you some tricks that'll may you real popular with the ladies"), I don't think he'd stand much chance. Grooming teenage boys (as a woman) is basically shooting fish in a barrel.

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Grooming teenage boys (as a woman) is basically shooting fish in a barrel.

Not even that hard, the fish will race to be the first to press the barrel against their heads and pull the trigger for her. Teenagers in general, but boys in particular, can be awfully fucking stupid and easily led by someone with absolutely no scruples about doing so. And that's before playing on their hormones and what that does to their ability to think clearly.

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I think older men sexualise teen girls do much they forget what the average teen girl is actually like.

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Maybe. That's off topic.

Edit: I can 100% confirm that 14 year old boys do not have an appreciation for mature woman. 18 year old women are considered about 4 distinct maturity categories away.

14 year olds have 2 years left before they can drive.

A wealthy 45 year old woman is incomprehensible to a early teenage boy.

They barely know themselves.

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    So around 3 and a half years then.

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      That's how long a rape gang leader in the UK just served.

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      How brown was that fellow though, because I'm pretty sure that's something that the courts in the UK take into account now when determining sentences.

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      Where was she when I was 14. I could have done ten back then.

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      Pretty sure there's a big difference between marathoning your hand and an actual woman though 🤣.

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      Four times...rookie numbers...these are.

      When i started riding horses with only two legs in my teenage years, eight times a day and more was nearer to my average on a weekend day. And if you switch horses in between your energy is magically refilled.

      I fucked so much on some days i almost couldn't walk anymore because my legs hurt so much.

      But then came the point in my life when i started valuing quality over quantity.

      My queen is strong ...

      I admit that i couldn't wish for more in one female being, because something more "fitting" me seems quite impossible.

      TL;DR: I pity human beings satisfied with a simple fucktoy. But i agree that you gotta start somewhere.

      But staying there is way too easy to be satisfactory enough over the course of a lifetime for most human beings, seemingly.

      That's why this "heiress" should be punished adequately for being the grooming bitch that she actually is.

      Not what she poses as by simulating all this whining. Put her into jail and let her rot till the stink she emits anyway is smell-able by everyone.