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This is like calling for meteorologists to check with a black woman before reading a thermometer.

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Lol since you were just defending niggers yesterday. Shut your fucking mouth, race traitor.

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I would describe it more as "slapping down an annoying teenage edgelord."

I'm pretty even-handed in my treatment of people. I'm not going to decide between some false binary proposition where I have to either 1) kneel before the black master like a leftist or 2) spam racist shit everywhere I can like you do.

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Listen to you and your "spam racist shit". Whether it's racist or not is irrelevant when it's true. I just started 2 threads here. One is on a nigger who sucker punched an 89 year old woman and the other is on a 60 nigger brawl on a cruise ship. But don't let that stop you from defending the biggest waste of human flesh of any race on this planet.

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Two other horses had also been “hobbled,” which meant their legs were bound together.

Do find that to be funny?

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I find the incident as a whole to be mildly amusing. It's, you know... dark humor.

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Dark humor is for shitbags. You just told me you find it amusing that some shitskin was tying down horses and raping them. By any chance do you happen to be a nigger or a jew?

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Nope, 75% Anglo-Saxon ancestry, one-quarter Dutch.

I think the difference between you and me is that I remember when mankind solved problems instead of just creating them. All of this stupid edgelord racism of yours is just a product of growing up in a shit culture.

I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't know already.

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What is an "edgelord"? My culture is's the culture that thinks assualting people for social media likes, robbing people, raping people and killing people is cool or as they say "gangsta".

You make excuses for the race that kills more of your own people than any other and are amused when some shitskin ties animals down and rapes them.

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I think you are giving him too much credit. He sounds like a Jewish instigator pretending to be white and being vile as a way of slandering white people. He is a caricature intended to create hate towards white people.

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If you think being honest and speaking the truth is a betrayal your world view is retarded.

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Meteorology requires you to solve fluid dynamics equations. I hear econometrics involves math too.

Just sayin'....

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    Every person is a member of the great ape taxonomic family.

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    This is why that whole Planet of the Apes thing never made sense to me.

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    The most retarded one of those was the prequel that showed how the apes took over. The premise is that the apes were far more intelligent than humans and that is why they were able to win. But in the prequel they rampage through the city like BLM.

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    Do you have autism or something? Normal people can easily distinguish between a colloquial term and a taxonomical classification.

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    That's true, but even colloquially the ape/human distinction is too trivial to me to fuel a whole series of movies.

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    Someone should complain this article is antisemitic

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    Stop worrying about gangs, drugs and trying to act bad ass and sit the fuck down and get an education and maybe you can decide that too.

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    Or find some minority economists and just let them tell us when they think there's a recession.

    There's no law against that, and absent some kind of dissenting opinion about recessions, what is even the grievance here? Never in my life have I heard someone question this shit. Do black people sit there watching the news, and Ted Koppel says "we're in a recession" and they're like, "nah, he trippin'"?

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    That too, I am just tired of blacks bitching about not being in this field, or that field but no blacks wanna take the fucking time to learn a skill. Fuck ANYONE who expects a free ride. At my last job, blacks were the only ones trying to scam their bill to get money taken off every day. You could hear the ghetto in their name and immediately know they are about to say "my bill too high!"

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    I never had to work much with the general public, luckily. I can only imagine the sense of gaslighting and betrayal that must come from doing that.

    Bust your ass all day waiting tables and getting stiffed by surly minorities. You come home and try to watch TV, but it's a non-stop paean to everyone but you. Oh, and your ancestors are evil. You're evil if you vote wrong.

    Read a magazine, and somehow it's "Black" but then "white." Wait, is it capitalized-all-the-way BLACK yet?? If so, mea culpa! And either way, enjoy reading with your "white" children! Should be some really uplifting shit there!

    Surf the internet instead and it's all Europeans taking shots at America on Quora and Reddit. "Tip culture is wrong!" "Why doesn't America take care of its poor Black people?" Of course the eurotrash are too stupid to realize that "tip culture" is basically a 20% discount for their pet minority.

    Frankly I wonder how much all that online trashing of America has messed with our heads, particularly young people. It's pure schadenfreude. Who wouldn't want a big American house, car, gun, etc.? So they either come here and get it, or they trash us online, to our own children.

    The end result is a collectively suicidal society, obsessed with violence, abortion, crime, godlessness, and just all-around ugliness.

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    Well, I'm glad to know they're white. Now I can safely ignore their extensive educations, credentials, and decades of applied experience, and pretend the dollars in my bank account are still worth something.

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    You could put Thomas Sowell on the panel to get some melanin involved, he's plenty qualified, but they'd just say he doesn't count as black since his politics doesn't line-up to theirs.

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    Or Walter Williams, when he was still around. He was a great economist.