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The world is not secretly manipulated by a global elite. Immediately report any such conspiracy theories so that they may be scrubbed from the public discourse by people who are thoroughly not global nor elite. Trust us.

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The world is not secretly manipulated by a global elite.

The idea of secret manipulation by a global elite is absurd and transparently false.

The manipulation isn't a secret.

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They work in the open, like WEF and Bilderberg meetings. Skull and Bones is a publicly known society.

They pretty much announce their global plans right to our face. Their think tanks also write everything down for us.

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I mean... SECRETLY? Yeah, I'm not so sure anymore. We all know about it. So in a sense, it's pure conspiracy THEORY that the world is secretly manipulated by rich assholes.

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I can already see the articles coming; Here's why conspiracy theories are rooted in white supremacy and homophobia.

If the elite wanted to ban water to prevent people from being healthy and wanted to feed them sugary electrolyte drinks and they said "here's why water is rooted in white supremacy", "Water represents purity, purity means Aryan therefore water = nazi". The moronic left would totally believe it.

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There have, for a few decades now, been some particularly funny trolling efforts made around dihydrogen monoxide and the dangers it poses. People consistently eat the bait.

So it's not even a stretch about banning water for some retarded reason.

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Tell them that about air and see how many of them hold their breath until they become asphyxiated.

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Only correct in that they aren't an elite, only a bunch of rich arseholes.

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Sure it is. Much of what gets called "conspiracy theories" are elites showing class solidarity. They have far more in common with one another, no matter what the country, than they do any of we commoners. So naturally they are acting together to defend their interests against the enemy: us.

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Even the business owning middle classes of each country often have more in common with each other than the average working class person.

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Nah, they have more in common with their own people than with weird foreigners who don't share their culture or values.

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I'm not even a conspiracist, and I know that's a lie. Although, I will allow as to how that's at least partly correct, it's not actually a secret that this manipulation is happening.

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I mean technically they are right, there is no secrecy, it's in plain sight that the global elite turns the poor into feudal peasants.

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When they find themselves needing to openly address their critics, they are getting weaker. They wouldn't need to say this if the number of people who now see "conspiracy" as fact weren't growing exponentially. Too many lies, and their lies are catching up with them. It's still a horserace, however, to see if they can "shut it down" faster than their lies can be exposed.

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Hmmmmmmm very suspicious

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Wow the United Nations body has issued a declaration of war?! No way! What did they say? Oh, it's a hashtag campaign from UNESCO.

See this is why, there's no point for targets of conspiracy theories to engage with those theories, because the morons think they get to win both coming and going. If you put out a document debunking common lies, it's a DECLARATION OF WAR by conspiracy blogs. If you ignore them and just do UNESCO things, you're part of a new world order. It's honestly foolish for public bodies to even engage these idiots.

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Wow the United Nations body has issued a declaration of war?!

They didn't do that, and taking that as a premise for a post is nothing but the Strawman Logical Fallacy.

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OP titled his post with a statement of fact. That's not a strawman, it's right there on the page

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Cite the declaration of war in UN archives.

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look at the title of this post and think harder about what you have read

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They function like a church. And the fact is that a majority of people is likely to join a church as soon as it becomes great and influential enough.

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A lot of what we see is likely just stupidity. It LOOKS like a conspiracy: Xi is told to rattle his saber, Pelosi is told to go to Taiwan, Putin is told to attack Ukraine. Likely though it’s just demented lunatics who are actually stupid.

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The 9/11 terrorists hit the wrong building.