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Or, people could just go in and throw the books out and beat the librarians. When are people going to learn this is the only way to fix things? Votes? Pfff.

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Have you done that? Why not?

Does that answer your question?

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I have my own library. Why would I waste time with anything the government funds? I understand not all people have what I have, so why are they letting the most corrupt organisations around the planet manage them? But in other things that involve violently retaking something, yes, yes I have done it.

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These books are "literally life-saving," says imaginary gender lady. "When I was growing up my imaginary gender wasn't invented yet."


End the TQ already, shit's embarrassing.

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      You mean the states where everyone is moving to and fleeing the Democrat-run states? The states where snowflakes feel the need to lie about in order to construct a flimsy strawman?

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      Yasss moar censorship of books!!!

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      When you wipe your ass on the toilet paper. Keep that paper. Stack it. Then make a nice hardcover binding for it. Then you have a "book". If somebody wants to ban your "book" from the library, they are censoring your God-Given Right to Self Expression. They are bigots, censors and the worst scum in human history for "banning books".

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      When the AIDS virus mutates as it will the current pharmacopeia will be futile against the onslaught and AIDS will, again, be a 100% certain death sentence. Maybe this time society will wise up and force AIDS carriers to enter camps where they can no longer infect others with the death sentence. Too many innocents died back in the 1980s and 1990s due to evil AIDS filth demanding and receiving the "right" to donate blood. The New World Order supporters and their wealth elite-class backers devoted immense amount of wealth for a propaganda indoctrination to shame non-Gays into not allowing Gays to behave and act in any way those filthy fiends desired . . . even when little kids were dying of AIDS-tainted blood.

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      I'm not going to pretend to be an expert. My understanding most of those people died from the treatment that Fuaci prescribed... In fact we're murdered by fauci...

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        Stop sticking penises in vaginas where they don’t fucking belong. It’s rape!

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        Town votes to remove 85% of the library's 240k budget

        Library says they're due to run out of money midyear

        OP be like: that's not accepting the results of democracy! Stop hurting the community!

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        Honestly, if they also kept gender critical books I would support them. The banning of any book needs to be resisted. Tell your kids not to go if you hate it so much.

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        Oh, they're not banning a book. They're defunding the library.

        Call me crazy but pedophile groomers shouldn't be putting graphic depictions of gay sex in the children's books of public libraries. A crazy extremist position, I know. People like you report people like me to the FBI as domestic terrorists.

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        I'm not saying to put them in the kids section. They should be segregated, but book banning for one can quickly become book banning for all.

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        I feel that pedophile groomers hurt everyone, not just children. In a just society they'd be shunned and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There's no slippery slope fallacy here.

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        They actually had gay porn, pretending to be a book.

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        The reach of woke extremists extends far into the education system. A few generations of brainwashed people have already been programmed in universities.

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        If they tried pulling that shit here the local church Karens would see to it that every library official that selected those books be fired and it would happen within a week.