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Then these people wonder why they get guillotined.

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Exactly! Keep wondering why we're threatening violence, dems! Keep on wondering why jet here threatens to behead you, dumbasses! You should have known that it was because chipit found a tweet quoting a possibly unrelated Facebook user!! Stupid dems wondering why the far right threatens violence against them! So stupid that they didn't know jet was inspired to violence by a saidit post of a tweet of a facebook group post!!

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Martha's Vineyard residents aren't random nobodies. They are wealthy and powerful elites. They are heavily in favor of migration - as long as it's not in their homes. They immediately deported the migrants within 24 hours.

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They are wealthy and powerful elites

How have you determined that? Are the housekeepers wealthy? Are the coffee baristas powerful? Are the waitresses elites? Could it be that the people of Marta's Vineyard are by and large exactly the same as the people in Florida?

They immediately deported the migrants within 24 hours.

We already established that you were wrong about that. If you want to double down then show some proof.

Meanwhile you didn't deal with the comment I was responding to - chipit made a saidit post about a twitter post about a Facebook post that someone claims is related to Martha's vineyard and is in bad taste. The commenter believes this logic is sufficient to begin removing heads. Do you agree? Chipit, did you do any legwork at all to show that the Twitter post is about a real post related to Martha's vineyard? Did you do any follow up checks or is it enough for you that some random tweeted it? Chipit making a saidit post was enough for that retard above, just want to check if your information validation is on the same level as the head chopper

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I have zero responsibility to answer for other users' posts. Particularly ones by paid posters that call for violence.

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Well, just a second, you have responsibility for your own post, and you've apparently determined that

  1. The original Facebook post is a real post

  2. The Facebook poster is truly related to Martha's vineyard and the trafficked refugee incident this month

  3. You've said you determined that the Facebook user personally did "preach tolerance and open-mindedness all the time".

That's what you have posted. So show your work. Because I believe you're lying about having done any due diligence here and #3 is entirely pulled out of your ass

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you actually believe that there are ppl who are paid to post here? god damn that’s funny.

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Sure there are. There was an article just yesterday how Germany is funding an army of paid posters. They exist, yes. They're pretty easy to spot, too. Just look for people who jump out and defend the interests of the powerful in society. Because who else would do that? Nobody. Unless you're being paid, absolutely nobody takes the side of elites.

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Ah yes, a guillotine reference is all to do with threatening violence and nothing to do with class oppression.

Well done rubbing those brain cells together.

If only your brain collected cultural touchstones like it collects the ivory tower talking points of the chattering glasses.

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Alright so let's see.

It's not about violence, it's about class oppression.

So because chipit posted a saidit of a twitter of a post to a facebook group, you've determined this is a class issue, and the reference to guillotines is actually about the totally peaceful ways in which class issues get resolved.

You've decided that the facebook user is oppressing your class by posting about hurricane Ian on Facebook. Fortunately you were able to determine their class status from the image macro they posted to a facebook group which someone tweeted which chipit added to saidit.

Thanks for clearing that up

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You might have some mental illness rabbi

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Even Jesus asked on the cross in wonder why his god had forsaken him. Its a natural response to impending death.

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That's a bad example of karma. A better example of karma would be a really bad hurricane hits Florida, which escapes mainly unscathed, then regains incredible power and completely destroys the entire island of Martha's Vineyard. And it probably would be named Hurricane Martha.

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I like the divide and conquer headline shill.

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You know, after all the genuine paid posters on this site, it's actually kind of quaint to get called shill by Jesus again. Remember back in the old days, back before the invasion?

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Hahaha it's really funny

See first of all someone did a hilarious human trafficking of accepted and processed refugee women and children to an Atlantic island.

Then the residents of that island stood up and housed, clothed and fed the refugees.

But now we've found a possibly tangentially related (possibly totally unrelated) person who made a facebook post in bad taste! BOOM so funny that they thought they were the good guys for feeding and clothing refugees but LITTLE DID THEY KNOW we'd be finding an internet post in bad taste! Take that dems! Score one for the far-right who never ever post bad taste social media!

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WTF? No they didn't. They immediately deported them within 24 hours.

Despite the fact that Martha's Vineyard is bursting at the seams with unoccupied housing that could easily have accommodated them all, and thousands more besides. Good job siding with the powerful and against the little guy, though. It's only about the 1000th time this account has done it.

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WTF? No they didn't

You're wrong

They immediately deported them within 24 hours.

You can't deport a refugee dipshit. Show any proof

Good job siding with the powerful and against the little guy, though.

Yeah I side with powerful refugee women and children against the weak little guy who governs Florida, that's true

this account has done it.

This person. I am a person, there are not multiple people running my account and I can prove it with a video call with whoever wishes to speak with me

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They deported them straight out of Martha's Vineyard into a military base.

Obviously they don't want such filthy poor people around them.

Stop supporting the narratives that the powerful are promoting. Instead, side with us.

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Ok so just to be clear - you ARE in favour of suspending private property rights to accommodate refugees?

Despite the fact that Martha's Vineyard is bursting at the seams with unoccupied housing

Let's just make sure everyone is very clear that chipit believes people's houses should be requisitioned by the government to give to refugees. That's chipits position and he's a consistent guy so you won't find him arguing in favour of property rights or the 3rd amendment anywhere else.

They deported them straight out of Martha's Vineyard into a military base.

Ah you wrote 'deported' but because of your retardation you actually meant something else entirely.

Let's just check again to make sure we all understand chipits highly consistent position here.

Using a publicly owned barracks to shelter refugees who have been trafficked <- that's bad

Government requisitioning people's property <- that's good

That's what chipit believes. Just so we're clear

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This entire post is putting words in my mouth. It is entirely the imagination of the poster.

Martha's Vineyard residents should have opened their hearts to these migrants and housed them in their own homes. They can easily afford it, and the homes are empty this time of year. You know, like the people of Texas did after Hurricane Katrina.

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Private home owners have no obligation to accommodate non-citizens regardless of their status or needs.

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Oh, who said that? Stop inventing things I didn't say.

I said considering their pro-migrant beliefs, they should voluntarily open their homes to these people, like the people of Texas did to Hurricane Katrina refugees. They have plenty of space, plenty of money, and they tell us how kind and tolerant they are all the time. It's just weird they immediately deported them, considering these conditions.

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Hypocrisy always has a bittersweet outcome, no? They solve their problems by exposing their true intolerance. But the safest place for both the refugees and the residents is to house them securely.

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Right, which is why Martha's Vineyard is the natural home for these migrants. The residents love migrants, and the migrants will benefit from them sharing their vast wealth.

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Oh ok so housing the trafficked refugees in a national guard barracks was the CORRECT outcome?

Instead of government forcing property owners to open up their apartments?

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Housing political refugees is the job of a government, not a citizen. So yes, a barracks is probably a sensible option. Besides, it's suitable residence for a soldier, why not a refugee?

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Sure, makes sense to me, but the dipshit OP disagrees, he seems to think that if the residents didn't open their specific home at that time, then the trafficked refugees should have been left sleeping on the street. He actually thinks it's pretty damning that the refugees were placed in a barracks but he didn't explain why he thought that so 🤷

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Martha's Vineyard residents should have opened their hearts to these migrants and housed them in their own homes. They can easily afford it, and the homes are empty this time of year. You know, like the people of Texas did after Hurricane Katrina.

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Martha's Vineyard residents should have opened their hearts

The links are evidence that they did

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They deported the immigrants immediately.

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Yea? Well now Florida has an excuse to ship illegals north "out of harm's way".

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Their side said something bad. They am all bad.

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But they're the ones who preach tolerance and open-mindedness all the time. And yet, here they are in direct violation of those creeds.

The reason is because if you're doing this against The Other, it's A-OK according to their ethics. Here's a good piece that lays it out. After you read it, you'll understand why they do these disgusting things and never suffer any cognitive dissonance.

The keywords Martha's Vineyard must have triggered the social media company's dashboard and posters have been dispatched here to defend the elites against criticism.

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And yet, here they are

Wow so how did you determine who wrote the Facebook post quoted by the Twitter post you linked?

Because you've already successfully linked it back to the exact same person who preached tolerance and open-mindedness. So how did you do that? Explain your legwork here. Because it seems to me you 100% just made that up

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Stop defending the powerful. Just stop it. Stop punching down on the little guy.

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Stop defending the powerful state governor and punching down on trafficked refugees

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They're in a better place. Martha's Vineyard is a wealthy community that can easily support hundreds of thousands more of these people.

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Chipit you are fully retarded I'm sorry to say.

  1. The region is no more wealthy than Florida

  2. Governments house refugees not citizens

  3. You are arguing against the 3rd amendment

  4. You again replied to me that they were "deported" hours after we established that no, they weren't, that's simply not what deportation means

  5. You keep telling me that state governor de Santis is the little guy and the trafficked refugees are the powerful ones

  6. You refuse to acknowledge the links I gave you show the residents charitably feeding and housing the trafficking victims

  7. You've lied that you tracked down the original Facebook user and discovered that they "preach tolerance and open-mindedness all the time" which is a straight up lie

  8. The chain of evidence linking the tweet which you found, to the actual relevant people you're blaming is incredibly shakey

Fully, fully retarded. Sorry to break it to you

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  1. Nope, it is wealthy and powerful. Obama lives there.

  2. The citizens should have backed up their words with deeds and opened their hearts and houses, just like Texans did for Hurricane Katrina refugees.

  3. Bzzt wrong. Voluntarily open their houses and hearts.

  4. They deported them out of Martha's Vineyard to a military base. They should have backed up their words with action and made room for them.

  5. The residents of Martha's Vineyard are the powerful ones. Floridians and the rest of America are the little guy.

  6. They're giving outside of their homes. Let's see them let these migrants live among them, as they require the rest of us to do.

  7. I never said that, you invented it.

  8. That powerful people are hypocrites and wish for the death of people they hate is hardly anything new, in fact it's exactly what we expect from them.

Stop defending the powerful. Just stop.

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All of this is pulled out of your ass.

Here's the post you claimed not to have written. Do you still think I invented it?

"they're the ones who preach tolerance and open-mindedness all the time. And yet, here they are in direct violation of those creeds."

You found a tweet of a facebook post which you cannot attribute, but you can only invent narratives around it because you're a retard.

The residents of Martha's Vineyard are the powerful ones. Floridians and the rest of America are the little guy.

And the refugees who fled their houses because of violence, only to be lied to and trafficked around America by powerful political figures for showpiece stunts? Where are they in this analogy

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It's a fact that these migrants who would have very much liked to stay in these nice houses were immediately deported by the wealthy and powerful of Martha's Vineyard to a military base where they're in tents.

Whenever elites lecture you about tolerance and compassion, they are never talking about themselves.

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Yes, Chipit suffers from crippling retardation, but I think there is a point to be made here that he is struggling to express.

Martha's vineyard did charitably feed those refugees, but they removed all of them in less than 24 hours.

You have a very wealthy enclave that literally has a policy in place to ignore immigration laws, and promotes open border policies, but when just 50 people end up in their community, they did the same thing that Texas and Florida did, they shipped them out and claimed they couldn't support them in their community.

The liberal coastal elites have very unrealistic head-in-the-sand ideas about immigration, often in areas they don't have to deal with any of the consequences of it, and this political ploy successfully exposed how hollow that rhetoric is. More than 2 million people have crossed the southern border just this year, just the ones that have been counted, and the burden of this all falls in one region of the country, while the other regions criticize them for trying to address it, but declare emergencies over 50 migrants in Marthas Vineyard, or 150 migrants in Washington DC, a city of millions. If these are 'emergencies' then what would you call the situation in border cities in Texas that are literally flooding with illegal immigrants?

Now I do think this immigration problem is largely the results of 40 years of drug wars, coups, embargos and other destabilization tactics by our government, but this is still a real problem affecting Americans and it is foolish to ignore it. Biden railed against the inhumanity of Trumps border policy, while largely leaving it unchanged while entering office, we clearly need comprehensive reform on this issue, and while I consider myself a liberal, the left does not have an answer for this problem

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Ok here is the real world timeline we live in. Follow along the timeline with me

  • Refugees arrive to America who are fleeing violence, and they are allowed to enter legally under the law as legal immigrants

  • Someone hands out leaflets offering a job and house in Boston, talks about how nice Boston is, and walks over to refugee women with children to push the leaflet and ask if they want a free flight

  • The women and children board their flight and arrive, but it's not the big city, and instead of anyone waiting for them, it's just the right-wing press. It was a trick, they were trafficked, welcome to Martha's Vineyard folks

  • The MV residents discover via the right-wing press that these people have been dumped nearby and provide temporary food, shelter, clothing, toiletries, baby and feminine supplies, and so on.

  • Because these are refugees they don't have driver's licenses or bank accounts or credit cards or English language skills or jobs lined up or family nearby or much idea of their rights, nor do they have dinner plans or a place to stay tonight.

  • With the emergency dealt with, thanks to the generous churches and community groups, it's now time to come up with permanent plans for the trafficked group

Here's where history diverges.

Because right here in the storyline, you'd like everyone to open up their houses indefinitely and for that to be the permanent plan. In fact, you'd consider it hypocrisy for them NOT to indefinitely open their doors forever to families with complicated statuses.

After all! You insist. After all! Everyone in Texas has to permanently shelter refugees in their homes. Every Texan has a refugee in their back room, forever.

In the real world storyline, they got housed in a public facility with a bunch of sleeping areas, and the refugees got lawyers and representations and it's going to be okay for them. But you're really mad that history turned out this way. You wanted it to be like Texas, where everyone has a migrant in their home forever. I understand now and think you also qualify as retarded just like chipit

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Because right here in the storyline, you'd like everyone to open up their houses indefinitely and for that to be the permanent plan. In fact, you'd consider it hypocrisy for them NOT to indefinitely open their doors forever to families with complicated statuses.

After all! You insist. After all! Everyone in Texas has to permanently shelter refugees in their homes. Every Texan has a refugee in their back room, forever.

I don't think you are understanding my position here. It is obviously unreasonable to expect the people to house them in their homes. I don't blame them for shipping them out, I blame them for shipping them out while at the same time espousing ignoring immigration laws

What I am saying is I want my own side to acknowledge that there is a real immigration problem, and abolishing ICE or refusing to enforce immigration laws isn't a solution to it.

I don't want anywhere to be like Texas, that isn't at all what I'm saying. I'm not a republican, but they do have a point about the failure of the left to address the immigration issue in any meaningful way, and I can see why people who live their might be upset at the state of the border

I understand now and think you also qualify as retarded just like chipit

Seriously? Just disagreeing with you warrants insults and name calling? And not even over anything I said, but words you put in my mouth. I was quite civil in my attempt to discuss the issues. It's you who are acting like Chipit. I honestly thought you were better than this, or I wouldn't have bothered attempting to discuss anything with you. You can add me to the long list of people who don't want to engage with you.

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I’m probably more on the side of the Desantis’ of the world. I just think it’s worth reflecting on the way they have us so opposed to each other. All it takes is one asshole on either side to do or say anything, and we boil down entire populations who share some of the ideologies, lump them all together, and claim they are the baddies. It goes both ways. It’s done to both sides and by both sides, as much as anyone can claim that an individual represent an entire ideology.

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This is bothsidesism.

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Is this a thing or did you make it up 🤔

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Nope, it's real. For example, thinking that there are two equal sides to the Hunter Biden laptop story. There aren't. The laptop is real, the emails are real, and the censorship of the story was a crime.

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I appreciate the context 👍 kudos brother Chip

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Nah man. In the case of hunter it’s the crimes of one man. In this case it’s an individual in a group saying something, and the whole group being painted in the same light. Apples and oranges.

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MORE defense of the wealthy and powerful? How many paid posters are on this site, anyway?

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Not paid, and just pointing out the overall flawed philosophy of attributing the comments of one to an entire group. Change starts from within my friend

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Really? Then why defend the wealthy and powerful for free? Who does that?

They don't want you on their side. They despise you. If they want people to defend them online, they'll hire them. Don't work for free. That's being a sucker.

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Never underestimate people's willingness to forgo basic human decency in favor of partisan ego masturbation.

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Remember when Trump got Covid and they were all cheering for him to die?

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Trump getting COVID was kinda funny watching him look like shit obviously struggling to stand trying to be like "I'm totally fine guys, I don't feel sick" but that's just the irony of it. The celebration of his "impending death" was very much in poor taste.

Unfortunately this is just all too common in our culture now. I lose a lot of respect for people when they do it, especially when they get mad with people do it to people they like.

Usually fun to save their quotes and call them hippocrates then but that does put you in the cross hairs of their wrath so you'd better have a squeaky clean social media history if you're gonna do that.