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As I said the last time this same question was asked here:

USA and Russia are cooperating in ukraine, along with the government of ukraine, to reduce the male population of ukraine.

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I think you are answering your own question. It is all kabuki theater.

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Science has no political or ideological boundaries, no boarders. The only stuff of those in science is what you bring with you BEFORE science.

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How do you justify their use of dragon artwork as a symbol of their work, if it were science? Should we trust "scientists" that believe in dragons?

The space missions are funded by politicians who fund their projects with taxpayer money. These are the same politicians who are responsible for death and destruction in their wars on Earth.

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How someone gets money =/= science part. If someone finds Dragons astatically pleasing also does not equal science, you think people that wear Naruto clothes think Naruto is real? This is just a Red Herring fallacy, and people debating in earnest do NOT use logical fallacies, this just means you lost before you even started.

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I am not familiar with "Naruto". You didn't answer my question and your speech is hard to understand. You did not justify the use of dragon artwork by "scientists". You should know that true science does not favor what is pleasing to the eye, but hold to the logical truth which cannot be persuaded to lie based on a deceptive image.

And you did not say whether or not these space workers actually believe in dragons or not. How about the politicians that fund their work with taxpayer money.... do they believe in dragons? Maybe their work is not so much about learning true science, but there could be another motive for their work. If they did believe in dragons and if they were lying about the true purpose of their missions, then of course they would not be eager to tell the taxpayers that.

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Seriously? Is English your 4th language? Naruto is a anime which got super popular and had a bunch of morons take it too far and ruin it for everyone. I justified dragon artwork, learn to read. You should know I am not about to take some kid on the internets opinion of what "true science", like that is a thing, is or works. Even by your own definition your entire stupid strawman argument of dragons utterly falls apart.

Get off the dragons, they are MEANINGLESS to this conversation and are just a strawman. If you cannot converse or debate without instantly falling back on to logical fallacies, do us all a favor and remain silent.

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If someone finds Dragons astatically pleasing

You do not spell very well.

money =/= science

I suppose you meant to use the "not equal" sign: ≠ but that was not clear at first glance.

Incorporating fictional anime to a discussion about science and truth made it more difficult for me to understand your point.

Since you do not like for people (like me) to question the dragon artwork for what you say is a "science" mission, you might send your demand to the governments of the United States, Russia, the European Union, and corporations like SpaceX, and all the other governments that adopted the dragon symbol to represent what they do, and tell them you don't like it because it causes people like me to question what they are thinking when they use a dragon as their mascot.

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I am not going to even START to read your bullshit. I told you I do not converse with people who throw nothing but logical fallacies. Now you are using the Ad Hominem fallacy, you know, when you got nothing attack the person not the substance.

I am going to block you because you are just here in bad faith, and I got better things to do than argue with half-wits who are not here to do so, just be assholes. "buT WhAAT ABoUt tHe DRaGonS" get the fuck real.

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I am not about to take some kid on the internets opinion

Did you not say that about me? And you asked me if English was my 4th language. Is that not an attack on the person, and not the substance of what the person says?

I did not attack you by saying I did not understand you. And I still do not, when you tell me to get real about dragons.... but I did not create the artwork.