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massive biden/pelosi inflation and cost of living increases

everyone else will be demanding it also and then the spiral goes on eating out huge chunks of middle class holdings

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Sounds like hyperinflation is on the way. But blaming it on two people is short-sighted. The nation is not good at being content with what they have and many go into debt for things they do not need. And Trump added more to our national debt than any other president (except Obama).

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they are just the ringleaders/point-men

Trump didnt much have a choice with dem legislature with their machinations , but far more was added in last 3+ years which was basically dem pork

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Trump didnt much have a choice

He didn't have a problem accepting huge campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. And he seemed more than willing to transfer billions of taxpayer dollars to the same companies for the COVID clot-shot. He deserves some credit for this spending and debt accumulation. But Americans get the leaders they deserve. They have rejected God, so they get leaders that do the same.

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Tesla's Gigapress looms.

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The strike does appear to help the electric car makers. I wonder why they did not also go on strike.

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I don't think they're represented by the same unions.

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Sure, I think that would be right. But it's interesting how the workers at combustion engine car manufacturers would refuse to do their jobs, while the workers at electric car manufacturers would keep on building. Cars are cars, whether they use fuel or electricity. But one of these is going away while the rockets keep on burning.

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A 50% increase in a cost that can never go down? Seems like a good time to dissolve and reincorporate, to me.