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It wasn't too bad where I was, but right at the coast looks like it took a bit of a beating. The Peggy's Cove video was pretty wild, but that's one of the premier places in the province where the ocean is always pretty rough, so it makes sense that you'd see a house get knocked off it's foundation. As for the idiots on the rocks there - stupid is as stupid does. We lose one or two people every couple of years who go too close to the water in that area, even though the place is covered in big bright yellow signs saying "YOU CAN DIE IF YOU GET TOO CLOSE TO THE WATER HERE!!!" People don't listen and the news articles always say "He wasn't the kind of guy who would do something like that". Yeah, well, he's now the kind of guy you'll be burying because he did.

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I'm glad you made it through the storm. Does your username (hfx...) refer to Halifax?

I'm surprised Lee didn't do more damage than it did. Power outages seem to be the worst problem. Nothing like the floods of Libya that pulled people out to sea and killed thousands.

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Thank you. Yes, the hfx is for Halifax.

Our power company doesn't invest heavily in infrastructure, so a lot of us lose power even in moderate storms. This one was mostly high winds, with pretty tame rainfall for a tropical storm. The treetops were putting on quite a show though.

We had some severe flooding in July - 250 mm of rain in about 4 hours. Unfortunately a few people died in that one, but yeah nothing like Libya.

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Poor Justin.