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Well at least he did it and said he did it

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He made it clear who the enemy of Iran is.

America made a serious error. Her enemies are too many and too powerful. She fights her battles without consulting God. What is the last war she won? She has not won against Russia (in Ukraine), no lasting victory in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea.... She didn't even win against Nazi Germany. That was Russia the Soviet Union that conquered Berlin.

America's borders are full of sin and perversion, so she doesn't even want to turn to God, because then her filth would be exposed in the light.

We are watching America fall. But the individuals can repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, because his mercy endures forever.

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I mean Russia would have lost Ww2 if USA didn't help them. You could say they both won. Total victory, occupied their enemy. Russia collapsed years later due to decades of successful sabotage and bribing of their leaders, a relatively safer way to win a war. Russia is enemies again but it's fake cuz both sides want a boogie man, no one cares about that fake war tho. Just Israel vs Hamas war now.