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Every action has a reaction.

The US government overthrowing governments leads to terrorism.

Terrorism leads to wars and tyranny.

Wars lead to refugees and debt.

Debt leads to inflation.

Inflation leads to minimum wage increases.

Minimum wage increases lead to unemployment and trade deficits.

Unemployment leads to welfare.

Welfare leads to illegal immigration.

Trade deficits lead to trade wars.

Regulations leads to economic collapse.

Economic collapse leads to bailouts.

Total collapse is the only possible solution and outcome for the US.

The USA is like the Titanic today. Everyone knows the system can't last, but everyone has an interest in maintaining the lie.

The elites get bailouts.

Politicians get campaign donations and cushy job promises.

Welfare bums get welfare.

The Gestapo and the soldiers have jobs.

Everything would be just fine if the government didn't do anything.

One problem with the US today is that everyone is a control freak. If you want dogs to be banned, don't be surprised if someone comes around and wants your garden to be outlawed.

Tolerating an annoying drunk is easier if you have been drunk and annoying.

Live and let live.

You know that the US is doomed when homeless can get food stamps, but the homeless who admit that they are homeless will be arrested because being homeless is illegal.

The only ones who will be able to take the moral high ground when the US implodes are the Libertarians because they can say that they tried to warn people.

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