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Can I please hear some arguments why we dont need regulations? Come on you Libertarians out there have got to have some way to blindly justify this crazy shit.

"Regulations kill business"

Yea well deregulation kills humans and the food chain - which will then kill humans.

But, but, but... Business!

I do not hate Capitalism - But Capitalism without conscience is bad, bad news.

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The problem with the Libertarian ideology of keeping government out of private institutions and to deregulate the economy and industry, is that they fail to realize that the regulators are the deregulators to regulate, lol. The corporations amalgamated with government, so government is merely runs on corporatism.

The neoliberals preach faux free marketalism, in that price fixing and monopolies can exist, despite their harmfulness and destruction on freedom and liberty.

The leftists want more government regulations, yet don't realize that the regulators are cronyists.

Lose, lose, lose.

Real regulations on monopolies and price fixing do not kill business. But don't tell that to neoliberals.

Capitalism doesn't exist here in the oligarchic, plutocratic, corportocracy of the US.

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This is why regulations are problematic. Because the companies that it's supposed to be regulating, capture those regulatory agencies and instead use them to kill any competition and guarantee themselves a monopoly. The idea is good, but in practice it's a corporate-owned nightmare.

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Yea. Ive seen that. We are full on corrupt at this point. I'm terrified and fucking sad.

You ever see stuff like that and have the wind just taken right out of you? You are way more involved than I am. How do you keep from throwing your hands up?

Every once in awhile I have to leave off and take a break or I think Ill go nuts.

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You ever see stuff like that and have the wind just taken right out of you? You are way more involved than I am. How do you keep from throwing your hands up?

Oh yeah I feel that way a lot. Sometimes you can't help but throw your hands up and walk away. The key is to take a break for a bit (days, or weeks, or months) and then come back to it once you've properly digested the new information. Otherwise you can get permanent burnout if you force yourself, and that's how a lot of those people that are like 50 and don't give a shit at all, become that way.

We're running a marathon, pace yourself. Take breaks and do what you enjoy, there is no shame in it whatsoever, especially if you're doing it to give yourself time to digest new information. Put on your oxygen mask before you help others put on theirs, so to speak.

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You realize that it was a government that installed the shitty pipes and private companies providing an alternate means of getting water right?

Besides, they had regulations. They didn't work.

Capitalism has conscience because people have conscience, and more specifically the purchasers do, and can make their own choices. When government is involved choices are reduced, and good ideas can't compete as effectively against government's subsidized stupidity.

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Another multi-generation Democrat run city success!