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You can take a road test like the next day if you pay like a hundred bucks to a private road test company

Ask the DMV.

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You created a sub called "non morons", and spent an hour navigating a website just to make an appointment? I really hope you're being satirical.

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You posted 2 moronic comments to this thread. I usually don't respond to such things, but anyone is welcome to start from and look around at the complete mess there. Lots of dead ends, sign-ups including email and phone confirmation, and phone numbers to call that make you enter useless crap and never lead to a human answering. Modern crap by modern scum taken to a new level that would fit right into a Kafka novel.

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Its not much better in other states, AFAIK

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If you think that's bad wait until you realize how many people are driving without one and without insurance.

Spoiler: It's mostly the ones that get free Healthcare too.

But it's not third world because you can't get a driver's license appointment you hyperbolic retard.

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My wife didn't have a license for something like 12 years. It was our fault, insurance had lapsed, we didn't realize. Check bounced. And then they give you a huge fine which you gotta pay when you couldn't afford insurance....

She drove so much safer when getting pulled over could lead to her arrest. Sometimes I wish she still didn't have one. Drives like a fucking maniac now.

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Of course it isn't just the driver's license. America is now generally third world. Everything involving the government is a mess. Another example is renewing passports. Internet service is third world, unreliable. Shops now run out of goods, also third world. America today bears no resemblance to the first world country it used to be.

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It's your responsibility to schedule the appointment enough in advance so that you can meet the deadline.

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Presumably you are supposed to be clairvoyant so you can know what the deadline is at a given time.

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Strangely enough, the deadline is printed on the paperwork, along with the website address.

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They anticipate their own future delays on the paperwork? That's surprising.

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In Pennsylvania I used to bring a book to read while I waited.

Someone in Harrisburg did something right; now I'm in and out of the local DMV office in 15 minutes, maybe 25 if there are a lot of people waiting.

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Dealing with the equivalent of the DMV in small town New Zealand used to be surprisingly painless before the covaids nonsense. I wonder what it is about big cities that is the problem. You'd think they could be more efficient, at least if they didn't have to hire dysgenics.

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My local DMV worked before covid insanity. Covid seems to be the excuse to justify everything breaking down.

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The Chinese buffet that I go to now gives you plastic fork and knife.

I guess that prevents an airborne virus from spreading

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Fuck the DMV

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I honestly hate almost everything related to car ownership, including DMV bullshit, unexpected auto repairs, vehicle inspections, being pulled over by cops. This is one of the main reasons why big city life appeals to me - I love the idea of being able to get by without a car.

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I honestly hate almost everything related to car ownership, including DMV bullshit, unexpected auto repairs, vehicle inspections, being pulled over by cops.

It's almost like.. they want to eliminate private ownership of vehicles, so they can control individual movement.

Probably one of those crazy conspiracy theories. There's no evidence for any of this on the tv. Although, the WEF has discussed this openly.
They're all talk... (Mostly.)

I'll wait to see what Brian Williams says about it... (So handsome, that Brian)

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It depends where you are. I got my appointment in less than a month. Also you should blame yourself as letters are sent over 6 months in advance informing you to renew.

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he has more than a month to renew so he is doing this well ahead of time, but I bet they can't make any appts for 2 more months because they are understaffed due to mandating vaccines on people. Or understaffed because people quit because they got free govt money.

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They redid our DMV to a Super DMV a few years ago, it's awesome. They text you when they're ready for you in the back, no more lines! Whole thing revamped.

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Which state?

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I'm in Houston

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The first time I took my driving test in Houston many years ago, I had been up all night drinking and was tripping on LSD.

The lady that gave me the road test told me that I drove almost 60 mph in a 30 mph zone and I almost hit some trash cans.

I took the driving test again the next day and passed.

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I always felt like I was an awesome driver on lsd. How's it going, Edward?

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It's ok, I guess.

I just got shadow banned at my favorite bdsm forum, if that says anything.

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So I tried random zip codes in Texas to check waiting times and it varies a lot. But this does solve the problem since I have now scheduled an appointment in the closest area with a reasonable waiting time.

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Do you need an appointment, what if you just show up.

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It seems to be random whether they would take you. Anyway, I don't need this now.

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When I took a road test in Houston about three years ago, they told me that I could make an appointment for 90 days later to take my road test or I could take my road test the next day using a private company that gives road tests and it cost me something like $100 or $150, I can't remember for sure.

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Yeah... It's got nice people tho.

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Houston crime rates are 95% higher than the national average. Violent crimes in Houston are 170% higher than the national average. In Houston, you have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Houston is safer than 3% of the cities in the United States.

I had thought the hellish weather was the biggest negative, but apparently not all the people there are nice. Inexplicably...

Houstonians love their city — and for good reasons — according to new rankings released by U.S. News & World Report. Greater Houston received a 6.9 score out of 10 in for the Best Places to Live list, which is heavily weighted by the Quality of Life and Value categories.

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Houston crime rates are 95% higher than the national average

Yeah, there's a lot of black people and the Mexicans aren't exactly angels either. I love this song.

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"Kill your kids and family" is a pretty jewish theme to impose on the goyim. They've gone for full spectrum dominance, and we're seeing its effects on our society.

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It's a song, not an instruction book.

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All sensory input has an effect.

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I'm in Houston

A logistics intern I knew created a layout of trailer delivery destinations.

Huston forever.