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Video game AI is its own thing. It's algorithms like pathfinding and scripts, not machine learning. If you taught a neural network to play a game, it wouldn't act like an in game character, it'd play like a computer.

This was the 'AI video game hot spot' that companies could've capitalized on but instead they went for more monsters on the screen instead of smarter monsters.

Complex scripted behaviors tend to break as they interact. Lot easier to stick more monsters on the screen, but I agree I don't care for the direction many games have gone in, prioritizing flash over substance, and multiplayer over single player or local co-op.

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Everything is getting worse because modern culture is decaying rapidly. For example, Java after Java 8 is not backward compatible, and this has nothing to do with the factors that you mentioned. It is simply the pure depravity of the programmers responsible for Java.