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Don't get aggression confused with confidence. And confidence in yourself, first and foremost, not the outcome of every interaction.

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I think there's a confusion of different definitions here.

Most Americans would define "aggressive" as looking at them and define "harm" as getting their feelings hurt.

You yourself are engaging in this.

Messaging people on dating apps is not aggressive unless you are threatening or insulting. It's not spamming either, you aren't going to know if you actually like one of these people unless you meet them so getting as many dates as possible is the aim, not expecting to fall in love to a picture.

Stop being such a wet and whining about the consequences of you inaction.

I fell in love the supposedly perfect way last year by getting to know someone gradually and getting that real spiritual connection and let me tell you it was like hell on earth.

At least if you ask people out, either in real life or online, you know right from the start if they are looking for a relationship with someone like you. It's actually highly protective against getting played around even though it seems scary/risky at the time.

The fact is other than the UK and Japan men are far more assertive and always take the lead for the simple reason that most single men won't turn down a woman so if women ask men out they far more likely to end up in a relationship which is isn't going anywhere and will break up as soon as the guy finds someone he actually likes. Women soon learn not to fall into that trap. A man asking you out is a pretty basic test is they are actually interested in you rather than just getting any women.

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Are there cultures where a man can get a wife without being aggressive?

Yes. Any culture where marriages are arranged.

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In those cultures your mother rules your life as long as she lives.

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Why would anyone want Western women?

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Because physically I prefer White European features like red or fair blond hair and blue/green eyes, and I like the Germanic and Central-Northern European aesthetics generally.

Not that I don't acknowledge that non-European women are beautiful too, but it's not as strong as a preference of mine.

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I think Belarusians and Russians are White without being Western.

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Russia isn't wholly White, there are Whites and other ethnic groups living together there.

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Because they are here and if one were interested in you it wouldn't take a big commitment to meet her. And plus they are constantly in your face, being advertised to you as you walk down the street. If you watch pizza hut commercials all day, you are going to want pizza hut.

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"What do you like about me?"

"Well, people like you have been advertized to me my entire life!"

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You don't have to be aggressive but you will likely have to take the lead. I don't think you have to try to hard, when you find someone you have chemistry with everything falls into place.

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Well unfortunately they've been raised their whole lives with the expectation that men will hand them everything and do everything for them. Idk how this stuff works but I hear what you said a lot, and I'm sure it's no different from everything else.

Sexism is still here. Funny how feminists fought away the parts that unfairly hurt women, but demand to keep the parts that unfairly benefit them.