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I hear this from a lot of Baha'is. Crummy LSA leadership, no emphasis on spirituality, social bonds, Baha'u'llah, or anything enriching. Just busywork, Ruhi, and lots of talk of "unity".

I've read Baha'u'llah's writings, if nothing else, he was a talented religious poet, and a man of obvious spiritual focus. I think you might want to look into maybe finding your own way as a person of faith. The Baha'i Faith seems to have crystalized into something that Baha'u'llah would likely not recognize, and find tragic, and weird.

Church is a good place to meet women. There are Christians of all races and skin colors. Heck, there are even Coptic Christians who are not ethnically Egyptian. If you feel bummed out by the Baha'i Faith, that's ok, you're not alone.

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You could try a Coptic church. I haven't been to one, but they are basically Orthodox and they are supposed to be conservative.

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They are a very specific ethnic group and it would quickly become clear I am not part of it. Like if an Irish guy tried to pass himself off as Jewish and started attending synagogues. I think I will just find a large mosque to attend and start with that.

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If you are looking for women at church suck it up and hit up the larger protestant churches in your area. You don't have to tell them you are Baha'i.

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What is funny is that even though the church still seems to officially claim that sex outside of marriage is immoral, a lot of otherwise good Christian women are decidedly liberal about it. Think of Luanne Platter. And one of my unrequited ones was both conservative and Christian but had two children outside of wedlock anyway.

Christian young men are cucked in their situation. This is one of the reasons why I 95% resigned my religion.