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did you cry

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"I immediately contacted the apartment and asked them to take the trash can away."

So you would have done nothing, if you had had your way?

I would have contacted them, even if I were living in a "non-totalitarian" apartment. So IMO you didn't have to reason out all those worst-case scenarios. You could have just contacted them from the start, and saved yourself all that anxiety.

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I have that trashcan bullshit too. I don't even use it, it's too small. Other neighbors were leaving theirs outside though so I do too since it wastes space inside.

So a court or any institution made up of Americans would support the apartment in extorting me with dishonest fines.

Yup. I got evicted because the last apartment complex didn't want to fix the AC. Judge just rubber stamped it despite the apartment having an obligation to provide AC as a safety issue, and retaliation is supposed to be illegal.

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Your analysis is correct but the anxiety isn't justified. Just continue analyzing modern situations in this way, by understanding the insanity of modern culture, and you should have no problems.