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It's been 16 days. So I ping: /u/trident765

Category-judging seems to have a strong communist subtext. Victim-hood is invented so abuses of power can be justified. Just look at BLM riots as an example.

Jordan Peterson - When Victimhood Leads To Genocide

That's one explanation anyways.

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Like any heuristic it trades accuracy for cognitive efficiency. I think the practice is especially widespread these days due to the rise of identity politics, and thus the tendency to view things as primarily representative of ascribed group values. And because ideology has increasingly supplanted epistemological soundness in education, people aren't as quick to recognize the guilt by association fallacy.

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This should be called "label-judging" because it is the labels that matter to people even if the label has no meaning. For example "marital rape" is a contradiction in terms and so doesn't really exist and so isn't a category. Rather it is applying the label "rape" in the context of marriage, and what is being judged is the label.