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The lefties haven't let them in yet.

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Some Scandinavians can tan incredibly dark. I knew a Norwegian guy who would get almost black in the summer.

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They are more tanned than the British and Irish though.

I think the reason is that fishing is seasonal and regional.

With the Artic people's they all hunt and fish and all roughly have the same diet. Their richest time for food is in the winter when it is darkest.

In Scandinavia some people fish, some farm, some have to buy their food. Historically the poor in Scandinavia got most of their protein from milk rather than fish but that realied on you owning a cow until quite recently. The very poorest mostly ate rye bread and animal fat.

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If we're sure it's vitamin D related, maybe herring in that region isn't rich in it, or it has to do with their method of preparation.