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Anything can be considered an idol as long as it controls your life to the point of making you worshipping it, fully submitting to it and deriving a pleasure from it.

The thing is idolatry may be "layered". If someone is a "self-worshipper", his or her idolatry might present itself in different ways depending on his/her role. A strict, pedantic, argumentative and arrogant boss may appear to be laws/regulations-following idolater who is fully submitted to his legislations/rules/guidelines idol, yet he might at the same be an ego-driven scum in his core who uses whatever means available in wherever environment he is to satiate his self-worship. I would say there are many areas and job careers having these types of idolaters featured at high rates (people in power, attorneys, etc. always come to my mind in this regard). Moreover, various forms of self-worshipping with particular focus on "talents", "physical power", "brains", "looks", etc. would all have different presentations.

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globe earth model is an idol