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Volcanoes? Maybe. Prophecy from God has indicated violent earthquakes.... and tsunamis for both the west coast and the east coast. He will save all who repent and call on the name of the Lord.

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A volcano in San Francisco? As punishment by an angry God. I thought this sub was supposed to be for nonmorons, not the severely cognitively impaired

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Part of not being a moron is recognizing the limits of human intellect. It is like a dog with a shock collar. A dog does not understand how a shock collar works, but an intelligent dog can at least understand that if he stops barking he stops getting shocked. The point is that just because you don't understand the mechanism that degeneracy can trigger a volcanic eruption does not mean it doesn't exist. The Bible tells a story of how degenerate cities were destroyed by fire and brimstone. Another example is the degenerate city of Pompeii which was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption. And today it looks like San Francisco, which is the most degenerate city in the world, has set itself up to be the next city to be destroyed in this way.