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One tip I have is that you can rotate in css. You could create a userscript to do it automatically.

It is true that that is mostly an Apple issue. Apple like to intentionally make things difficult for people outside of their ecosystem. In this case instead of storing the photo rotated they use a meta data to signify that the photo should be displayed rotated. But most software doesn't account for that because it isn't a universal standard.

It would be more interesting if one could use javascript to read the Apple meta data and reorient the image. If you are able to install browser plugins someone probably has created something for that already.

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But my image is rotated 90 degrees, and I need to rotate it back.

Did you take it on an iPhone? If so, you need to whine at Apple, not Windows.

I hate Windows (and I can't test your claims because, you know, I'm not using Windows... inside my home... the fucking thought!) but I think you're overlooking something. Right Click -> Open With -> Paint? You could fix the rotation permanently in Paint.

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This is just blatantly wrong, all you have to do is right click and then click "Open with > Photos" Don't blame others for your illiteracy

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I don't have the "Photos" program

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Why do they want to make things so difficult?

Because they are modern scum. That's all there is to it.