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I have blocked more people recently so yes, I would say so.

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Yes, I'm seeing a lot more bull shit here. It's gotten to the point I don't bother clicking on saidit for a day or two.

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Do you have a time machine for finding better conversation?

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We has an influx from reddit but they are mostly OK.

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There is a fair amount of bot and shill activity to dilute the quality of text forums on the internet. This is also causing the reasonable people to abandon those forums, which further increases the concentration of noise. They are intentionally gaming the signal-to-noise ratio of the internet to destroy its usefulness as a communication medium.

This happened with books too when the printing press was invented. Too much truth was getting out to too many people, so authorities started making lots of crap books with false information to make people distrust the information gained from books, and to safeguard their secrets by spreading lots of conflicting information.

Today's internet has become an automated and paid version of that. And as a person who remembers the promise of the internet in the 90s it makes me very sad.

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Humanity has been getting stupider in the last few months. Could be vax brain damage, I am not sure.

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I think it is mostly stress, peoples' way of life is being taken off of autopilot and people are being forced to think and make tough choices, which they've been trained their whole life not to do. So many people are becoming emotionally volatile as a result.