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A common prayer these days.

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Ovarian cancer?

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Your post has been removed for "advocating violence". Additionally, I am going to permanently ban your account and also change your password.

Just kidding! u/magnora7 can we leave this post alone since it's targeted at me?

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The US is certainly finished now.

Either Trump was a Trojan horse who worked for the elites or was naive or was threatened with blackmail, torture, or murder to expand the police state, debt, and wars, but still Americans were sure Trump would beat feeble Deep State Biden who only drew small crowds.

All hope is lost.

Soon there will be mandatory virus testing and mandatory vaccines with microchip implants.

Guns will be banned. Cash will be outlawed.

Biden will likely resign or will die.

Harris will take over. Elections will be canceled. Congress will be abolished. Jury trials will become show trials.

Private property will be banned.

The globalists have destroyed the USA with wars, tyranny, debt, immorality, homosexuality, drugs, divorce, illegal immigration, refugees, offshoring, the Dot-com bubble, 9/11, 2008 banking crash, and a virus.

All the lines have been crossed.

Buy guns, gold, and food today.

There will be starvation and hyperinflation.

Concentration camps will open.

Soon protests will become civil disobedience and strikes. Americans will sabotage government property. Lone wolf attacks will evolve into militias and then become armies.

There will be secession and sanctuary cities.

Millions will die.

The future has become as clear as a bell.

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(in Virtual Villagers)