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That's amazing. An area that is a little smaller than Michigan would be the 6th largest country by population if it were on its own. And to think of all the land out there to house people. We still have an "over population" crisis.

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Exactly: it's labelled "over population" rather than "over consumption", as if it is life itself that is to blame. In this age, everyone who is born is considered a product whose sole purpose is to consume. Thus, when a population grows exponentially, it leads to far higher levels of consumption which in turn creates waste and pollution. This is tolerated as the system has been designed this way in order to maximize the manufacture of wealth to which the powerful are weighted by. The very purpose of money is the abstraction of power, so it is not unexpected that the system behaves this way. It is, however, this system that causes a growing population to be considered a crisis. In other words, if we were not so greedy and wasteful, this planet could sustain 100 billion.

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talk about passive infrastructure! turns out, being on the downhill sunny slope beneath a glacier makes lots of sense if you are looking for a place to live together with lots of other people. perhaps the world's largest democracy can lead the way in how to rationally deal with the situations we have created.